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Birthday fanart, Bleach 297 spoilers

All the degenerates are born in Scorpio, right! Pr0ntober has been full of birthdays. Happy birthday to ileenka today. I drew you something, hon!

This was done quickly (bc I forgot it was her birthday!) for Justine, the cleverest person and a TRUE SWEETHEART for being "batshit insane." I'm proud to be your friend. You've brought me much joy in the Bleach fandom and here, Sophie spams you a smilie:

Just an IchiRuki drawing for Justine

Thanks also to birthday children metaphore_art and andrew_jp two other peeps who make fandom insanity worthwhile.

Apparently this is quite a set-up chapter. The End (or at least milestone chapter 300?) is near. Kubo has done a sweep of all our heroes in their time of need. Chad is about to be done in by the execution squad. Rukia is about to be killed by an Espada. The synchronized cero didn't work on Szayel and it looks like Pesh, Don, Red & White are gonna be lab rats for our pink-haired genius. Nnoitra has gotten kinky and stuck his fingers into Orihime's mouth, and Ichigo is about to get hit with a giant fist from Tesla the released Warthog when....

Kenpachi shows up?

I still say he's the Kenpachi of Ichigo's mind and that there will be another power-up and Ichigo WILL  save the fair damsel who is being kinky-gagged and the IchiOris will scream sweet romance but the Nel presence there undercuts the whole romance, still, so say I.

Everyone is predicting an SS cavalry rescue--that's what it looks like, right? Byakuya will arrive in the nick of time of save Rukia, someone will save Red & White, someone will save Chad!

Naw.  If Kenpachi's there in the flesh, he's acting alone. In shounen, the parental figures and TEH AUTHORITIES don't show up to bail out the impetuous young heroes at the last minute! What does that teach? You have to rely on yourself, not on Mommy and Daddy! Kenpachi--because there's no one more anti-authority than him in the Shinigami--and Shinji--because the Vizored aren't recognized by SS--make suitable allies for our effed up heroes. SS WILL NOT COME TO SAVE THE DAY, SAY I.

I'm still predicting Chad and Ishida will rise again. I'm, like, one hundred percent sure of it. If Chad and Ishida are rescued, I'll go join Jasse  and we can have a pity party because Kubo owes Renji a hit, a power-up, or some damn reason to be in Hueco Mundo besides being eye candy and Ishida's pride is on the line here.... can't let Ishida get rescued like a girl again.  Chad may be experimented upon instead of executed--but I think that he's going to rise up out of the bloody sand like Godzilla. Something to do with Hollow regeneration powers and the restorative atmosphere of HM.  Rukia? I don't know. I really don't know. Gin may still save her.

And that's that, folks. If I'm wrong, gummy bears for everyone. If I'm right, gummy bears just for me.
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