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HERE I AM! (mod post)

I'm late to comment on the individual entries for the Ishida contest, but as I told one participant--NOT late to appreciate. The arts have been making me smile for days--even as I was stressed by a horrible cold (yes I'm always sick) and some real life issues (yes I'm always busy--I'm a mom but these days I'm teaching again and my students' composition and grammar issues take precedent precedence over some banal squabble over who owns the King & Queen title in Bleach or whether Byakuya should've been killed for REALZ... That said, I just HAVE to say I TOLD YOU SO regarding Nii-sama. Haven't I been saying for weeks now he'd live?  Geezums, hardcore Bleach fan here--how many years do you have to read Bleach to know what is going to happen next? Kubo can pull off a surprise every now and then, but seriously--no flashback, no color page, Byakuya of all people? You fanbois should've seen this slow tease in play).

Ah, I apologize for being absent during these last crazy chapters and the Ishida contest. I was too feverish and up to my DayQuil-dazed eyeballs in qrading papers to even leave comments at my usual haunt, http://deathberry.com/index.php
But I'm here now, and I want to thank everyone who participated in the annual Ishida contest. You will notice that the entries were screened--that is because all entries to bleachness are still screened. If the original poster of an Ishida contest entry wants to make her entry visible to the general public beyond bleachness members, she CAN go back to the entry and edit it to show to "Everyone" instead of "Members."

The winner of the contest will be announced as soon as the judges can all get together and decide. The traditional announcement is usually made on my birthday, November 19, but it may not be as late as then this year. I thank you for your patience.

And again, thank you all for your participation in  Ishida''s Presidential Birthday Contest. Did all of you catch scuttlebutt/deflect's marvelous shoop on Tumblr? If not, looky: http://deflect.tumblr.com/post/35195611807/remember-remember-the-sixth-of-november-verily

And ahahahaha again about Byakuya being alive. I didn't have math on my side like Nate Silver, but I was surer of Byakuya living than I was of Obama winning the US presidential election!  The bit about Ichigo's mom didn't surprise me either--Ishida folk have been speculating about that for years. As for the possibility that Ichigo and Ishida may be cousins, yee-haw--bring on the hillbilly incest fic!

I don't care what other people do or say--I still enjoy Bleach. Live Journal may be dying and my own fandom participation may be dwindling but I still love the heck out of that stupid fighting manga. Was Shunsui awesome or what in that last chapter? I got chills when he said the Gotei 13 have to move "forward." I don't know if that was an intentional nod to the Obama campaign or not, but the expressions of alll the captains were so beautifully drawn (Sui Feng! My Koma-chan!) and I felt this wonderful one-eyed majesty from Shunsui. Rukia too looked beautiful with one eye. Damn that art--it makes me love those characters more. I can't imagine not ever loving them and can't relate at all to all the people who are letting go of Bleach.... and they are, sad to say. Kubo doesn't seem to be attracting new readers, and only the most loyal are still reading. Count me among them. Bleach's Halcyon Days are past---but I'm still invested in the plot, the characters and dying to see a few ban kais.
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