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Fanart by Ileenka and Orin, Drabble by Jaina

Ah, three fandom thingies that cheered my heart today so I wanted to share.

First, I love, love, love this. ileenka makes me laugh--she always does. There's something about this one that goes kootchie kootchie koo to my heart:

Urahara in a Blender
by ileenka

orin  linked this one on kurosaki_clinic  not long ago, I believe, but its worth posting again in case you missed it. GAH! This one makes my heart go rrrawr:

Unravel Me  Worksafe, although easily excitable Ishida fans may not consider this safe art by any means. I'm going to host it on my website with a tribute to Orin when I get around to, er.... tributizing her! The eyes--no one has ever done his eyes so well. And I've seen lots of nekkid Uryuu art, but hot damn.

And finally something that cheered me up infinitely today. It's so well done, just the right mix of fluff and sexy, the way I like my IshiHime. Thank you, jaina:

Drabble for debbiechan by jaina (prompt: "true love")

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