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Announcing Ishida's Presidential Birthday Contest

Why hello there. Haven't seen much of you guys for a bit. Part of the reason is that I took over some English classes mid-semester for a departing teacher and I've been up to my neck grading papers and restructuring syllabi and ...

BUT I'VE GOT A LITTLE POCKET CHANGE FOR MAH BIRTHDAY THIS YEAR! As you know, I always celebrate it with Ishida's.
First, belated happy birthday this week to la_kalaka , the owner of the Ishida and IshiHime fanclubs over at deathberry. Many blessings to her and a refuah sheleymah to her mom in recovering from serious illness. We've all been so busy and distracted this year, but NO, WE SHAN'T FORGET OUR URYUU! The contest is being announced a little later than usual this year, but YES IT WILL GO ON!

If you have any questions, please ask here. The contest winner will in all likelihood be announced BEFORE the traditional date (deb's bday, Nov. 19) but we'll see how many entries we get before we set an announcement date for a winner.

Happy drawing (videoing, icon-making, baking, ice-sculpting, whatever!)
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