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IshiHime for Eny

Haven't drawn in a while but I don't think I can DRAW any where else now except my bonked tablet with its blind spots and its propensity for freezing--I tried pencil drawing in a sketchbook the other day and froze, lol. Anyway, this is something special for a special friend. Not much but it's all I can do at the moment.

For la_kalaka

dA link: http://debbiechan.deviantart.com/art/For-La-Kalaka-322291084

Haven't drawn for a while but had to do something special for :iconkala-k: also known to me as ENY. She's been in the Bleach fandom as long as I have--going on 8 yrs now and I haven't know anyone as devoted to Ishida's character. She multiships Uryuu like me but I know IshiHime is her favorite pairing and I wanted to draw her something cheerful before her mom went into brain surgery this week. Eny's one of the sweetest fandom people I know and so underappreciated. When I quietly gave up my Ishida and IshiHime fanclubs at Bleach Asylum a while back, even before the big split between the administration and the IchiRuki fanclub, because I could no longer deal with BA's haphazard policies, Eny was so gracious, never complaining or getting caught up in politics and grrrr and always cheering on her favorite character and making peace where there was strife among fans. She's always been an inspiration to me in her art and poetry--she has the real stuff--we call it "duende" in the Spanish language. "Soul." And she practices and keeps the faith. I wish I were more like her. I pray for her and her mom and wish for good things for her every day.

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