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Kubo tweets about URYUU

Forgive me, I've just gone into fangasms--aaaaah, what fan doesn't want to hear that her favorite character is going to appear "as much much as possible" in the story? 

translation by verduistering from the Ishida Uryuu FC at Deathberry here The Japanese and more Kubo tweets here. OY, all I can say is I think I have tears in my eyes, haha.  Bleach is ending, and of course I want to see a lot of Uryuu in the end. Please take care of our boy, Sensei, as you remember to take care of your own health. And these following exchanges with fans are soooo endearing. Kubo-sensei's response tweets are in red:

@tite_kubo: I can’t think of a male name that starts with "U".

@cafemari: Uryuu.

@cafemari @tite_kubo: Sensei! I love Uryuu-kun too! Yo! It’s a cool name!

@CHICAUMINO: Wa! Thank you very much. I’m planning to make him appear as much as possible in the final arc! (lol)

@CHICAUMINO @tite_kubo: Kubo-sensei! Please take care. Uryuu-kun and his daddy are so dreamy! Great genes. The fact that he’s good at sewing is also wonderful.

@cafemari: Uryuu is really popular with the ladies, isn’t he...? Not fair... Thank you for your concern! I’ll do my best to take care!
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