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27 May 2012 @ 09:20 am
Some Goodies & Why Fandom Can't Have Nice Things  
First some recent goodies from Jump Bang, the Tokyo t.v. show that features Jump stuffs.  From baidu screencaps, posted gratis of Annie and Delicious at deathberry. Under the cut are the covers (in color now) of the new Bleach novels by Ryohgo Narita (unidentified new characters but possibly a previous Kenpachi and a lady person from Shunsui's past), the color cover for Bleach volume 55 (Bucky and some very large font), and Rebooted Souls (Ichigo).Also, a drawing of a very grown-up and badass Ichigo from Sensei.

The sketch from Sensei gives me all kinds of thrills. Kubo's art and Ichigo as a character have both grown so much in the past 10 yrs. Now the volume 55 cover. I don't know why Sensei was so excited about the style for this cover. I love Bucky and from this pic it looks like a nice scary portrait but nothing REALLY special--the huge freaking font annoys the FARK out of me, and while I see the double Quincy fives like two fists to the face, I get it already Sensei. I'd rather have art sometimes than his graphic posturing. This is the man who brings home his architecture magazines home and says he "purrs" over them but sometimes his style is too ... I don't know--at the expense of character? Like, I'd like to see a FACE rather than things?

Eh, I know he'll make up for it with the poem.  :lmao  I'll get my characterization there. But I really don't like the big ass letters. I'm wondering if they're going to be in every volume cover from now on.

Goodies under cut

Second, I know that fandom is craving a translation in English of the fourth excerpt of the Bleach novel by Narita-san. There's one available at deathberry but it's being restricted to a closed subforum at the moment. I keep waiting for other translators to step up to the plate but so far its been days since the raw appeared and no one has translated anything but the summary. Apparently the DB fans who did so much of the work for fandom for years finding goodies and doing translations are truly the only ones who bother--despite recent claims to the contrary.

In fact, not long ago, deathberry translator pikeish (who previously provided for Bleach Asylum and all fandom with goodies via the IchiRuki FC before its break w/BA to form deathberry) stood accused of stealing a translation from Bleach Asylum despite hard evidence that her translation appeared days before BA's translation. Amazing fandom story. I know I've vowed to stick to source material and the Bleach MANGA in my posts but this fandom story is really too amazing not to mention. I've got such a personal stake in it too and it doesn't involve shipping pettiness but the fandom at large. What the story appeared to be at first was that some newbie translator had paraphrased pikeish's translation and reposted at BA to fanboi gratefulness and misunderstanding and much bitchiness towards the new forum who refused to share with BA. What eventually was revealed was that the administrator of BA, Velius, actually goaded this "translator" to go to to deathberry and take the translation, knowing full well that the translation posted at BA would not be authentic, original work. He then further goaded BA members to troll DB and suggest that pikeish took the translation from BA!

The attempted sabotage of deathberry by BA administration was all out in the open on BA visitor messages, screen-capped and exposed at deathberry. The thread was closed but you can read the whole dramaz HERE. The caps are rather shocking. (Velius: [administrator of BA]: "I'm good with code" and blackstrawberry [the "translator"]: "The one with the actual goodies happens to be someone other than me"). The thread itself features a surprise appearance from Velius who advises deathberry to lock down its forum 100% ... to keep people from stealing from it, I suppose.

Well, for the time being, deathberry is partially locked down. Unlike Bleach Asylum, it does not make any money off ad revenue and was never intended to be a biiiig forum. We were always a community of fans; we love what we do and never regarded ourselves as a public service either. Those of you who are blaming the people who run deathberry for keeping the bleach novel translation and other goodies from you, please don't blame us. We were sharing with the fandom at large. It was antics like the one the BA administration pulled that prompted the recent lock-down. People who work hard don't need wank and accusations. It's very unlikely that the new bleach novel will ever be (officially) translated into English--the previous ones were not. May this be a lesson to fandom. Entitlement and whining will get you nowhere. Want something very much? Do it for yourself.

ETA: Deathberry was considering releasing scanlations of novel to general public after some time so no further accusations of translation-theft etc could be made but decided to make only summaries public in a thread. See here
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Super Nintendo Chalmers: Dat ass - Ichigo approves.strawberries_85 on May 27th, 2012 02:34 pm (UTC)

I rarely freak out over Ichigo, but faaaaaar out, he's looking delicious. I love the large font (it may be the graphic design speaking), but I can see how it's annoying too. Perhaps it could've been just a bit smaller and pulled down. Kubo should get into graphic design after Bleach. XDDD

Voiced my thoughts of the Deathberry translation issue elsewhere; I don't even want to think about it anymore, I am so fucking disappointed in people. What lying, manipulative, pathetic pieces of shit they are.
metaphore_art on May 27th, 2012 07:34 pm (UTC)
I really like the large font, too. It's bold, but it has a clean look to it as well.

Also, I get a 1980s feeling from it, which makes me nostalgic for my childhood...LOL! XDDDDD
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Orin: Bleach - Ichiishi Against all Oddsorin on May 27th, 2012 04:48 pm (UTC)
It's the reactions of people both on BA and on the Deathberry forums that's put me off of Bleach fandom in general. A lot of the comments read as unnecessarily defensive and caustic to me in the thread on DB. Yes, we know that Pikesh did the translation. Anyone with half a brain can see it, but the dogpiling that happened on Deathberry? Unnecessary. I expected more.

There's nothing 'entitled' about wanting to share the joy of a fandom with other fans. However there is something elitist about saying not everyone can see/or share things. That's how I see it. Of course, it's their forum and their choice. They can lock down whatever they want. I'll simply take the stuff I have to share, elsewhere.
Super Nintendo Chalmersstrawberries_85 on May 27th, 2012 05:05 pm (UTC)
Entitled is exactly what it is. Fans are NOT entitled to recieve info about Bleach goodies just because. You don't have a right to recieve something just because you want it. People take time out of their day to source info, scan and translate. Ichiruki fans have worked so hard to give fandom all this info that ensures we have a fandom, that we have something to discuss, in between the usual chapters, yet their generosity is just spat back in their faces by idiots on BA. They've been ridiculed, they've been looked down upon like idiots, they've been censored while idiots were allowed to rage on, they've had their work taken uncredited and more. Yet without these people, BA has no leg to stand on. They did not ask for much to be honest, but time and time again, BA couldn't respect them and their wishes, so why should they show any respect towards BA? Considering all the antics of BA towards IR fans, it's not hard to see why people react so passionately towards an incident like this.

They were treated unfairly, they continue to be treated unfairly and until the morons on BA get themselves a brain, I think it's pretty damn fair to tell them exactly how shitty their behaviour is. This isn't the first, or last, example of their bratty, entitled behaviour. When the admins/mods of a forum treat you (certain IR fans that is) as just a means of getting information, so your forum will get more hits, that's the behaviour of entitled brats. Pikeish and everyone who shares info with us deserves more than that.
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oh gallant piglet,: kurosakiaizome on May 28th, 2012 12:47 am (UTC)
Dang, Ichigo's sure looking more and more like his papa. I approve greatly. XD

I agree with Kitty about maybe moving the font down and a bit smaller on the 55 cover. The 55 could have stayed huge but under his chin, with the rest a bit smaller. The type I do like though. It's kind of... IDK, brutal?

And as always, thank you for sharing. I really don't get what's so hard about just appreciating what people do, thanking them, and respecting their wishes/conditions. I don't get why people had to get so greedy about it all. None of this would have happened if people had respected others in the first place.
czeliate on May 28th, 2012 08:56 am (UTC)
erm, actually I'm quite curious as how things started out first? and how does everyone knows Vel is the mastermind behind all this ? Was it BS's comment in the novel that makes DB mods decided to lock down the novel & omake thread? or the other way round?

I do not understand about paraphrasing because his translation is soo much different than Pikeish one(I read it in NF), or should I say.. It’s impossible. Believe me because I have read both & JJ version and some parts are very different, I can prove it.

Even though I must admit, BS's post is illogical and it really is BA's fault, I'm really sorry.

I would like to share with everyone on whats happening in BA when this incident occurs, When Syn's announcement posted up (the omake & novel lock thread) I thought "uh oh,what have we done?", nearly every post was bashing BA translators and some claims that fans insult pikeish’s translation. Initially when they bash BA translators, I thought they're talking about me, and then I realize BS did put up a translation too, could it be him? Later I saw BS’s post in the novel thread but didn’t understand what is he trying to say until I read debbie’s post (thx for explaining to me). I PM Velius and told him DB just announced to lock down goodies thread because of BA, probably due to BS’s comment in the novel thread. Later BS posted his comment in DB and Vel ask me not to get involve. If I didn’t link the announcement thread to him, he probably wouldn’t have posted in DB, it’s my fault :( .

Refer to screencaps..
“I’m good at code” probably means that he understands BS’s code: “digging through the trash”, “I swam”, sometimes I’m trying to make a code, not to sound too obvious and he says he doesn’t like speaking codes lol.
“the actual goodies happens to be someone other than myself”, probably means “the raw pics(spoiler) is not mine but I took it from other sites”? Last, Vel says “no one force you to translate it”, I think he’s telling the truth, he didn’t force BS to do it.

As for the screenshots of my convo with him, honestly it shocks me, cause I don’t remember having this convo with him, but it was from the “when did Unohana became a captain” thread, a thread where all of us are horrible, he puts up a translation to prove other members wrong, it didn’t came up well and I sort of… correct it. He apologise his mistakes which then I give him a rep.

Im not trying to help Vel, I don’t know what’s exactly happening btw both sides because I wasn’t aware of it until the beginning of April (when baidu members sent letters to DB members), it’s just that, I find it hard to believe that he was doing all this, telling BS to dig pikeish’s translation and rephrase, then tries troll you guys. As for BS’s comment, I have no idea, but a DB member, also a BA member told me that he was accused of paraphrasing pikeish’s translation after he posted his translation at BA, which makes him mad, thus, making that kind of comment.

Hope this clears a lot of things up and I’m sorry for all the things that happen in the past few months.


Edited at 2012-05-28 09:07 am (UTC)
sleepwalkersleepwalkerrrr on May 28th, 2012 09:19 am (UTC)
Refer to screencaps..
“I’m good at code” probably means that he understands BS’s code: “digging through the trash”, “I swam”, sometimes I’m trying to make a code, not to sound too obvious and he says he doesn’t like speaking codes lol.
“the actual goodies happens to be someone other than myself”, probably means “the raw pics(spoiler) is not mine but I took it from other sites”? Last, Vel says “no one force you to translate it”, I think he’s telling the truth, he didn’t force BS to do it.

I think that details you pointed out about "I'm good at code" and "digging through the trash" etc are the main points why people are angry here. It most likely implies that the translation BS's like he claimed and what was a basis of his blame on Pikeish. Also, it may imply that BS in fact "dug it from what he thinks is trash" which was DB like was thought previously. And finally it shows Velius's attitude on whole thing. IMO the whole stuff is pretty questionable one way or the other :D
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Fradinefradine on May 28th, 2012 12:26 pm (UTC)
I'm not that much of a Bleach fan anymore, and largely stayed out of all this fandom mess anyway, so I can't really comment on the parties involved (nor do I have any desire to). However I just wanna say I find it hard to believe there are no translators out there who are willing to take up Bleach novels. I mean, if my tiny tiny Baccano! light novels fandom have dedicated translators who've done 13-14 novels (with maybe 1/20 the number of Bleach readers) then it can't be that bad for Bleach, right? Maybe it's a sign that Bleach fandom is dying as some of you just said. It'd be such a shame, then. though for me Bleach was dead the day Gin betrayed Aizen
Grenat: Pensiveescarboucle on May 28th, 2012 12:37 pm (UTC)
Yes, Bleach fandom has declined.

And it's actually 2 novels of 800 pages of awkward Japanese as a whole - Narita-san himself said that a lot of his sentences were odd.

So yes, it is a hard work. There is no way one translator alone (as a fan) can do it, it has to be a team, which is what we set up.
metaphore_art on May 28th, 2012 01:09 pm (UTC)
I get some of the points that orin was trying to make here, but I disagree with the way she's chosen to attribute the blame for current circumstances.

Of course it's sad that there are innocent fans caught in the crossfire who cannot see all the information and goodies that the DB connections yield; I don't think anyone is disputing that. And of course, ideally, fandom would be a place where everyone shares everything they find and all fans have fun discussing it with each other; I don't think anyone's disputing that, either.

That is exactly how DB was trying to function, only to have their opinions mocked, their efforts derided, and their reputations slandered. And they're supposed to just ignore it and keep providing everything as before only to have their opinions continue to be mocked, their efforts continue to be derided, and their reputations slandered more because it's somehow more mature and less elitist to do so? Sorry; real life doesn't work that way.

No ass-kissing or insider status was required; all they wanted was respect for their efforts and everyone had all the information openly without having to lift a finger. Fandom didn't perform its side of the bargain (in fact, actively disrespected their efforts), so DB chose not to continue to perform theirs. It's really a rather simple concept.

Aside from that, as has been stated time and time again, it's not as if DB holds top secret information that cannot be found anywhere. It's not like Kubo popped in and told them everything having to do with Bleach was hereby given to them and them only to do with what they will, and the rest of fandom will never see it if they don't provide it. In fact, what they were providing was apparently not appreciated at all, ever, to hear some people go on. So as Debbie said, if fandom wants it, they are perfectly free to go get it themselves. Or find themselves someone else willing to share it all without reservation until their opinions are mocked, their efforts derided, and their reputations slandered. Then maybe someone else will take up the cause...or maybe that person will be so mature and unelitist that they'll continue to provide everything, and they'll thereafter be slated for canonization, I don't know.

I don't really care; I'm perfectly happy to respect the hard work, time, and effort that the DB admins put into providing their information, so they're perfectly willing to share with me just like they always did.

Edited at 2012-05-28 01:12 pm (UTC)
ruinin fuckin' everythingallelujah on May 28th, 2012 01:38 pm (UTC)
Nobody will read this because I'm only GreenBlack and not a big game player but I'll say it anyway.

All of us are human. Freaking. Human. The standards that have been set up for deathberry as selfish and cruel for not following makes no sense. Do you go out everyday with the members of your community, your neighbors, people who legitimately have more to do with you than any of the people on the internet, and give them everything from your life and help them? When you work hard on something do you partake in sharing your life with them? They are as much if not more important than your brethren in fandom.

The unfortunate answer is no. And you know what? The same damn thing applies for Bleach. We are not all brethren and friends. I hate some people in this fandom. Blatantly. There are plenty of people I have tried to be friends with who have only turned around and called me thief because they are entitled. People at BA alone freak out over things they shared with. Minerva of Ba was absolutely positive I stole her banner and did not want it on DB. (really, she just didnt want to give it to me.) I didn't steal it from her. To this day she has tried to slander me to everyone possible as a lying 'child'. And this was from your precious BA. This is the fandom that 'shares'? No. We share things in hopes of promoting the things we like. And most people will be bitter douchebags about it. If someone they don't like takes their 'goodies' they go out of their way to defame them.

But DB and Syn and Annie never did that. Not ever. When they got upset they didn't name names, and they didn't freak out, you know what they did? They tried to make it so they could keep sharing without their wishes being violated. All they wanted to do was stop things from being shared in view of Japanese fans, a wish that Kubo himself had. Yeah. They didn't even fucking care who saw it as long as WE RESPECTED THE WISHES OF THE MANGA KA. And then they didn't do that. So they left. Syn and Annie were singlehandedly better than anyone else in this fandom. Bitter bullshit.

So you know why we 'dogpiled'? Because over and over again no one ever defended Annie and Syn on BA without being censored. And people came over and over again to be exceedingly nasty and insult us. Did you read BlackStrawberry's posts? Nasty, vile things.

Your point has no meaning. You do not respect the reasoning behind it. We were angry and hurt for our friends. You know...the ones we're supposed to be bonding with? Newsflash, we can't all be fucking friends. And Annie and Syn tried to be. We're not coming together to be a perfect unified community. We're coming together to share our interests, and interests clash.

On that note, I'm just an asshole. So I dogpile on anyone who hurts my friends period.

But seriously, we're all supposed to be friends? Lmao, okay.
Silvia: aizen deathnightshade_ave on May 28th, 2012 02:30 pm (UTC)
GreenBlack, let me just say that I adore you even if I hardly ever posted in BA before getting banned and still hardly post at DB. You and me can be small fries who tell everyone off in very succinct and clear terms. :>
(no subject) - allelujah on May 30th, 2012 11:59 pm (UTC) (Expand)
bittergourd tea; sugar-free.oymillefeuille on May 28th, 2012 03:00 pm (UTC)
Haven't been around since 2008. Not even a member of Bleachness anymore. Don't even care about Bleach. Can't even care about the fandom or its opinions. Still fight with Deb sometimes but still love all friends.

Still amused by people trying to tell othes what to do and how to run a forum, in addition to preaching to them about how they ought to religiously serve said fandom and generate revenue for the 'church'. lol.

DB is not bound by contractual obligations to provide fanbrats with fandom material. If I want to share fanarts then I would share them. If I don't want to share our fanarts then I'm within my rights to not to share them. Many Japanese fanartists I loved don't even draw for Bleach anymore. Am I going to smear their page with anger? Pick fights with them, perhaps? How about calling them selfish? If they posted an opinion about how hurt they are over having their works stolen? How they were rudely treated? Am I going to chastise them for taking the decisions not to share, not to draw?

You won't understand how someone feels when they're betrayed until you've been betrayed yourself. People should stop being so sanctimonious and presumptuous.

If anyone were to protect themselves from unwarranted and gratuituous attacks then they're perfectly allowed to do whatever is possible to prevent those attacks. I hate everything to do with Bleach and fandom but this is one thing I see very clearly and feel very, very strongly about when it comes to hurt, betrayal and injustice. .

Anyone who even defends BA admins and their supporting cronies are blithely ignorant of how jejune, manipulative and depraved these people actually are in character. I don't think anyone should even try to plead for, or defend their intentions.
darkslover: CloTi Dissidia Lovedarkslover on May 28th, 2012 05:34 pm (UTC)
Jesus Christ on a motorbike, do I have things to talk about!

1. Daym Ichigo, looking good! But wait, wasn't that a SJ cover? Or is the Alzheimer knocking early?

2. I crave for the translation of the novels, but I cannot help but pout a little, considering that they may never see the English publishing light, or many of the fans be aware of them. In other words, oh, HOW I crave for them to be in the manga series proper! Alas...

3. All this fandom mess makes me cringe, but, from what I have seen, I cannot judge the DB people for wanting to have nothing with BA. The screencaps are talking and they said bad things. Granted, I haven't seen the translation at BA (stopped going there ages ago), but all this cannot be without base.

It looks like we can't get along and I can live with that. First FFVII fandom, now Bleach. To the drama! *raises glass with ouzo*
kawaii22kawaii22 on May 28th, 2012 10:07 pm (UTC)
Wow, I'm very shocked to read about all this drama and sad too.

I haven't been around the Bleach fandom much these days (Bleach anime got cancelled and there hasn't been much I/R in the manga recently) BA was always a friendly place and the I/R FC was the best around. So sad to hear about all the trouble you guys have been having with certain individuals.

I wonder why the I/R FC on BA seem dead these pass through days =( and now the DB forums are on lockdown. I wish I would have made an account over there too, but I figure that the FC on BA wasn't going to go anywhere since it's been there for years. At least bleachness is still open.
_debbiechan__debbiechan_ on May 29th, 2012 10:50 am (UTC)

You can still make an account at Deathberry. The general threads are still open to the public but once you have an account you can access the whole board EXCEPT for the locked subforum which you have to request access to. For that you need only to PM an administrator for access and if you are deemed likely not to share beyond the subforum and can have someone vouch for you, you'll more than likely be granted access.

Naurelnaurel on May 28th, 2012 11:03 pm (UTC)
I've been largely a lurker for years in the Bleach fandom and it's pretty sad to be seeing all this stuff going on. It's not the worst I've seen as fandoms go (it's worse in some other fandoms), but it is sad.

I do understand that it's really up to the provider and translator, sharing something with the fandom. It is their time and effort being used. But to lurkers like me, having part of the fandom going into lockdown really is sad(I should probably find a good synonym for that). Participation is not easy for some of us, be it lack of time or shyness or a language barrier. And while I do have an account in DB made some months ago, I never posted. So when the lockdown came about... Well, I'm locked out. I did browse elsewhere but there seems to be no one else translating, or if there is I can't find it.
As for the option of participating in DB, by this time I'd feel like I'm forcing myself to post and get myself known to others in order to read the tls so... I don't know.

I guess I just wanted to say that whilr I can't blame the translators for what they want to do with their work, it's a sad time for many of us(I'm sure there are many others in a similar position to myself) to be restricted from parts of the fandom.
_debbiechan__debbiechan_ on May 29th, 2012 11:00 am (UTC)

See ETA to this post. Summaries of the novel will be available in the part of the DB forum viewable to the public.

I still believe that even if no other translations of the novel emerge other than from DB (people who want things are resilient--they should get find a way) that the DB scans will be released at some point. The team was planning to wait a few weeks to release them but maybe it will be a few years? Certainly this corresponds with the translation speed at which VIZ does databooks. Other official Bleach translators are many many years behind in translating volumes in other parts of the world. The two previous Bleach novels were never officially translated into English and the demand for those translations was not high even in fandom so the impatience now perplexes me... and seems to me has more to do with the BA/DA political issues and the whole issue of not being able to have something someone else has. Not saying that this is what the issue is for all fans, but my point is that there are plenty things in Bleach fandom to enjoy--arts, omake, the series itself, forum speculation ad nauseum--beyond this one story being told by Narita-san.
(no subject) - aizome on May 30th, 2012 02:24 am (UTC) (Expand)
Phoenix Hawk's Deep Corefmphoenixhawk on May 29th, 2012 12:26 am (UTC)
Will not comment on events I have no knowledge or part of. But the covers are pretty cool. Adult Ichigo is pretty bad-ass. And I am somewhat disappointed in the current section of the arc (Missed getting a comment in Thursday, was busy.) Also, still think Kubo-sensei is going to have the SS realize they should have checked every town named Quincy in the US, Canada, UK. Probable hiding spots.
jpblackjpblack on May 29th, 2012 09:22 pm (UTC)
I don't pike the new font on 55. I guess I'm just a traditionalist; but then again the Fullbring arc covers didn't bother me, and neither does the BLEACH title being white with a color outline instead of traditional red/white/blue.

I've been drifing in and out with fandom since the slowdown here and the terrible MangaPanda scans. What's Rebooted Souls?
_debbiechan__debbiechan_ on May 30th, 2012 03:14 pm (UTC)

Rebooted Souls is 192 page databook meant to prepare readers for the Final arc. More here: http://deathberry.com/index.php?topic=227.msg9448#msg9448
linwenolatarilinwenolatari on May 30th, 2012 01:26 am (UTC)
I had this happen to me with a story that I was working on. With the licensing of it and all the only thing that we released was some teaser pages and the complete translation, then someone went ahead and stole everything, so now the ones that were respectful have to pay the consequences too. Too bad people don't get it.
april_ms on May 31st, 2012 10:11 am (UTC)
I just online to Bleach forum today. Last time I opened DB was in April. I only made 5 posts in DB so far. Yes there’s a time I was active in BA, but there’s about 1.5 year ago I think. Only 2 posts that are coherent in DB. Other 3 posts are squeeing and spazzing. I have no direct connection to Syn, Annie, or other mods and translators in DB. But I can vouch what Syn said that she has validated me in DB eventhough I just found out today what’s going on and I never asked permission to see the restriction thread.

But eventhough I didn’t get permission to read the restriction thread, I know I will not be disappointed. Yes maybe I will feel let down for a while. But if the translators feel that they only want to share with only selected people, so be it. It’s their right after all. It’s like the feeling if Da Vinci was reborn and wanted to take Monalisa again from Louvre and he chose only selected people who can view it, so be it. It’s his painting after all. If I want to view the painting, I will make the effort to get permission from him. If I still can’t get permission, then maybe I will patiently wait until there’s a Monalisa reproduction or reborn-Da Vinci kindly enough to share it with the world. It’s the same as what happened in DB imho. Asking permission doesn’t equal with kiss somebody’s ass after all.

Fandom is supposed to be a place for fun. A place to fangirl/fanboying something that we all like in common. To share the joy of what we like in common. But there’s also a limit when we say enough is enough, when we always get mocked again and again when we share what we have and make the effort to share. We’re human after all.

There’s a reason why books, movies, songs is called entertainment. It’s something to entertain us. So yeah, it’s always a sad thing if a fandom come to a point like what happens in Bleach fandom right now.

Sorry for the long post. And thank you all for the willing to share your fave things and hardowrk with me in this fandom 