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Stupid poll time--this time with a romantic metaphor!

Much to my amusement, I heard friends of mine recently describing their relationship with Bleach as "the world's longest one night stand." That is, Sensei has this habit of delaying gratification--as with the mysterygami episode and now with the invasion of the Seireitei, he sets us up to expect something and then switches modes. One friend compared it to a lover who gets you all hot and bothered and suddenly goes ADHD and tries something else (like Allon being Allon, a fugly fodder Quincy who no matter how much he reveals about the Quincy is still fugly fodder, and new characters no one really cares much about). Damn it all--audiences want to see the destruction of SOUL SOCIETY!

Anyway, I was wondering about how people view their relationships with the manga vis a vis romantic metaphors.

Poll #1841169 My Relationship With Bleach

How would I describe my relatioship with Bleach? I'd say--

Bleach and I are MARRIED. Love it 4ever.
Worst relationship I've ever loved. I'm M to Kubo's S, baby
The thrill is gone. In it for the sake of (his) children--the characters.
I play the field and have other interests but Bleach can stir some nostalgia and an occasional late night booty call sort of inspiration. <.
I'm curious as to how it's going to end. I don't walk out of movies before the end or climb out of windows on dates or give up on manga after a mere 10 years.
Other (describe in comments)
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