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Ishida Uryuu is My Perfect Boyfriend (quiz)

I just friended laurie_bunter  , yet another insanely wonderful Bleach fan I met at the bestest forum Bleach Asylum, and she had this quiz in her journal. The ones I've taken before on this subject on dreary afternoons didn't have Uryuu as an option and I usually got Byakuya (he's kinda an Uryuu Senior, wouldn't you say?). But wheeee:

The Best Bleach Boyfriend for You
Your Result: Ishida Uryu

You are attracted to the introverted, genius type. When you first meet him, you are going to think he's gay but really he's just metrosexual. Eccentric and offbeat, he's got a lot of strange habits and hobbies that just perfectly coincide with your own. His analytical mind may sometimes confuse you, but in the end he is almost always right; just don't tell him so. He is proud of his lineage and his unique heritage -- so be willing to bear lots of children just in case you end up with him, because he's the last male of his family and he's eager to go forth and multiply.

Hitsugaya Toshiro
Kuchiki Byakuya
Ukitake Jushiro
Yasutora Chad
Kurosaki Ichigo
Kisuke Urahara
Abarai Renji
The Best Bleach Boyfriend for You
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I've been enjoying the Bleach fandom lately, even with the wankery, because when it comes right down to it, no Bleach wankery is like the pain of RL and there are so many very interesting people over at that Bleach Asylum board of Spacey's that I look forward to checking the board every day. That said, there are two things I need to say about the pairing thread in the debate section there. One, I'm glad it's survived without major blow-ups and that Starwing has mangaged it with such grace and intelligence. Second,

The thread is LOVELY and the IchiOri lack of participation there irks me. Now the one IchiOri fan, Primera Espada, we have posting in there (a fun poster--a really fun poster) seems to be succumbing to the IchiOri clique pressure to not even get into a debate with us meanie, meanie evil other-shippers.

I wrote this in the thread this morning:

I find it VERY disturbing that some IchiOri fans have neg-repped their own for 1) starting a Orihime character rating thread and 2) posting any IchiOri arguments in this thread at ALL. This self-policing reminds me of the most thug-like behavior of cliques. I don't believe all IchiOri fans are involved in this--there are a few I respect quite a bit--but the attitude in which IchiOri fans refuse to come to this thread, rant in their FC about "people just read the pilot! You'll see the bare bones of ALL of Bleach and the inevitable IchiOri!" and then after aforementioned ranting, post the pilot in the manga forum---well, tsk, tsk, this is just chickenshit passive-aggressive behavior, and I'm glad Primera Espada didn't cater to it. As much as I may disagree with some of his arguments, I think he makes good points here and there and has the right attitude and spirit when it comes to arguing. I see NOTHING wrong with trying to look for objective facts, for offering interpretive opinions and for arguing the strength of one argument over an other. If manga interpretation were "anything goes," then Kubo may as well just scribble circles on each page and have his audience see whatever they want in them. Manga, people, is not da-da art. It tells a story.

My point--if you don't like arguing and prefer to fangurl or fanboi in your club, fine. Don't come here but don't neg-rep IchiOri fans who do or don't make passive-aggressive "evidence" threads for your ship in other forums. Look me in the eye. Call me on my mistakes or faulty evidence. I can take it. I like to argue and I'm secure in most of my interpretations--those in which I am not secure in, I would love to have other peoples' takes on. All opinions, even crazy ones, if not valid, can spark discourse and new ideas. I've learned more from people I disagree with than people I agree with. Frankly, I'm sick of people putting down ship debate as if it's one step below political campaigning. It's a healthy part of fandom and IT CAN BE FUN.

My bumpersticker for the day: Frankly, I'm sick of people putting down ship debate as if it's one step below political campaigning. It's a healthy part of fandom and IT CAN BE FUN.

Over and out. I await the Return of Red and White this week in the manga! *Cheers*
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