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drabble by cccpirate

The Pr0ntober love continues to spread.

cccpirate wrote a loverly IshiHime drabble for me based on the prompt "ouch."

This is too sweet to be pr0N

Meanwhile I have snippets of drabbles I'll probably post later, but the main fandom distraction is that there are no confirmed spoilers out yet for 295 and it's enormous fun to see how far a fandom can run with a hypothetical scenario and a hundred google searches. The religious life-death allusions in Bleach make for irresistable speculation, and I'm only hoping that whatever Kubo comes up with for Nel's release is half as cool as what fans made it out to be yesterday.

Is it naive of me to still be horrified and not amused by public shipping tantrums? Apparently it is a grotesque insult to some IchiOri shippers to call Orihime's love "unrequited."  The editors at Shueisha/Jump apparently can get away with calling her love that on the back cover of volume 27 ( "Will Orihime move on from her unrequited feelings for Ichigo?" Is that the quote moreorless ?) but heaven forbid another fan says that. I tippytoe around trying to be polite. I write "unrequited/unresolved" feelings for Ichigo. Eh, why bother with diplomacy when shippers blow fuses over every little thing.

And the person who said that my correlation of Orihime's unrequited love to Ulquiorra's feelings for Hime via the hands parallels (see previous post) was a LEAP was the same person who saw Orihime's volume poem as referring to Ulquiorra's camera-eyeball (as in the line "as he who has no eyes"). *Scratches head*  The mad theorists are calling the other mad theorists on mad theorizing?

Also, it's apparently not kosher in the Bleach fandom to be a Nnoitra fan since Nnoi is such a sexist. I see TONS of sexist sigs at the Naruto boards and in other fandoms that don't get a second look. But Bleach is the fandom of Rukia-lovers (It is also the fandom of Kubo Tite's Yoruichi, Nell, Tatsuki and other bad ass babes) so those who put lines such as "Women should be submissive" in their forum signatures should expect to be neg-repped or blasted by those of us on our periods. Haha, I don't neg-rep but I felt sorry for the guy once the fans attacked him. I kinda love Nnoitra myself--he's such a thoroughly low, cheating villain but he's got a cool tongue, fancy shoes and an adorable fraccion.

Oh Red & White, come back, come back from wherever you are.
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