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Shounen Jump Alpha Launches Today

Crunchyroll interview: http://www.crunchyroll.com/anime-feature/2012/01/30/crn-interview-the-dawn-of-weekly-shonen-jump-alpha

I still haven't seen anything in my inbox. :(  Being impatient. Anticipated are vids of Kubo, Kishi & Oda from recent Jump Festa.

Sasaki Hisashi, former WSJ editor tweeted:
Well, Today is the day #SHONENJUMPAlpha finally launches! http://www.shonenjump.viz.com/content/weekly-shonen-jump-alpha Maybe I should be wide awake all day long.

eta: while I'm still waking up, Annie was more alert enough to point out that Kubo interview in mentioned in Crunchyroll interview and that today all we'll likely get is a vid. From interview above:

"Bleach fans should get stoked for a Tite Kubo interview in February and One Piece followers can anticipate an Eiichiro Oda interview for March."
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