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What's next?

I have another stupid cold & fever atm so I hope I don't type anything too stupid. Please remember that the deadline for the IchiIshi fic contest is coming up. DETAILS HERE So far we have only one legit entry. Prize of Resurrected Souls vols 1 & 2 goes to this brave ficcer by default unless others enter (if so we'll have a popular poll). Haven't seen much fic around in general in fandom and I've been guilty myself of putting projects on the backburner but I have liked what I've read over the past months. Wish there were more IchiIshi is all. The art for the contest was amazing and I know it put stories in your heads out there--maybe you can share them with us?

Ah, there was no fanworks post this weekend but I did want to share one piece of art I loved by my friend la_kalaka. Her take on Ishida's mom: http://kala-k.deviantart.com/art/The-Men-I-Love-281912262

Speaking of Ishida, since the revelation that the location of the Ice Palace of blues and silvers with a waterfall, there's been all kinds of crazy speculation that the new action location for Bleach will be some Quincy place. Ha, I've heard all sorts of stuff in fandom since last week's teasers from Kubo and WSJ. People are saying that Espada will have positions in the Royal Guard, that the Ice Palace will be under Tatsuki's house, that Hitsugaya and Rukia are long-lost midget siblings--whatever, dreams are free! XD There's a sort of interesting thread at BA here: http://bleachasylum.com/threads/19795-Ice-Castle-Discussion

Here, have a stupid poll:

Poll #1814964 What's Next In Bleach?

What's next in Bleach?

In 2008 Kubo promised an Isshin backstory so if we don't get Papa Kurosaki love soon I'm calling FOUL!
Ice Palace stuffs can only mean top two fave characters in Bleach (Shiro chan and Ruki tan) will be selling JUMPS!
Bankais galore ... Retsu let down your scary hair!
An IchiRuki Valentine's week love scene
A wind-up, slow-pitch, crazy fan anticipation, then Kubo hits the plot out of the ballpark as usual after 10 months
Absolutely no sign of the Arrancar as promised
Grimmjow for president!
FINALLY we'll see Mayuri's timeskip hair-do and find out about the bodies in Szayel's lab
Is it too much to hope for Kon. Check here if you think it's finally KON TIME.
other (say what in comments)

Expand your speculations as to what's up next in Bleach in the comments. I know you wanna. As for me, I'm still excited about all the neon lights the Arrancar got in last week's Jump.
The whole Kubo tease about how they may or may not be coming back en masse reminds me of fandom predictions that the Arrancar would return as an avenging army. It may not be anytime soon, but it always seemed Shounen 101 that they would.

Damn 10 years though. I predicted Ulquiorra's would be a year after he died but there was Sensei's glacial pace to consider. Yeah, still think Ulqui's coming back. Have a good track record calling him. Have been wrong about stuff before but since I'm fevery and excited about the Arrancar returning (Grimmjow's return has always been a done deal in my book ) and in case anyone needs to be reminded of my basic reasons for Ulquiorra's return (which can be argued against ad nauseum) HAVE THESE: 1) Ulqui never got a backstory (reasons he joined Aizen, reasons he kept his 2nd release from Aizen--he disobeyed Aizen in his (Ulqui's) own pursuit of Ichigo and we still don't have the full story (a la Ginjou's untold tale) 2) Ulqui never threw his lanza successfully--you never introduce a weapon to have it thrown unsuccessfully. Major Chekov's lanza there. To confirm my suspicions, when the new databook came out, every minor weapon and attack from Ryuuken's to Wonderweiss' were listed but Ulqui's lanza was noticably absent. 3) Ulquiorra and Yami obviously referenced Vegeta and Nappa in their first appearance--Kubo even took pains to redraw their appearance for the volume release. Vegeta is Kubo's favorite character from DBZ and Toriyama is his mentor. If Vegeta can come back from the dead after turning to ash and blowing away in the wind, so can Ulquiorra 4) The literal pronunciation of Ulquiorra's last name is still SHI-fer--even though the spelling is Cifer. Fandom speculation was, as you'll recall, that Ulqui was so named because of the famous monk who survived Hiroshima's nuclear attack. Hiroshima is Kubo's hometown. *shrugs* Ulqui was the first Arrancar Kubo created and I'll always believe Kubo had plans for him. I think that he was always planned to die and revive.

Unlike many people who think that Kubo will be caving into fan demand if Ulqui is revived, I believe just the opposite--that if Ulqui doesn't come back, it's because Kubo changed his original plans. But there's no arguing with faith. Let's just see what happens--I'm really hopeful Ulqui comes back to the story. Don't know if I can see him sticking around for a significantly long period to become as important a character to Bleach as Vegeta was to DBZ but I honestly don't feel his story is done. Then again, there's a lot of Bleach that feels unfinished to me--and also, I felt like Sensei has satisfied me in picking up stitches I've wanted to see picked up and tying up threads that had been dragging for years. Once a thread is in place, people shut up. No more "Where's Kensei?" anymore, lol. But ohhhh, that ache for what the deal is with Isshin. I don't know how much longer I can hold on.

Oh, again, changes coming w/bleachness in February. Posting access, Dreamwidth move, that sort of thing. I'll be sure to make any new rules as clear as possible.
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