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Try Harder, Kubo

Is he amused by our crackpot theories and intepretations? <3 Kubo's note on Volume 30 is too adorable. Translation by Cezaria of BA.

I saw some primary school kids at the vending machine for the bleach card game
one of them, around the same size as the kid captain (meaning Hitsu), said
'Hey don't you guys know?! Genryusai's bankai is that bird!! (meaning the phoenix thing)'
Try harder in the future, I thought."

Also out are the endpage doodles for the amazing volume 30 (sigh, sigh, sigh, Kaien is teh greatest and looks so goofily himself on the cover--such a relief from the butch shounen warrior poses of the Arrancar!) I'm particularly intrigued by the doodle after chapter 262--which as many of us know, is the chapter in which a great identity revelation is made! The doodle doesn't have anything to do with Kaien or Rukia (although some people may read it that way--people may see Yama's ban kaI in it for all I know) but with the slap heard around the Bleach world?

Looky, it's Ulquiorra's hand. Yes, that's his sleeve, that's his black fingernail and there's a mirror reflection of the hand. Remember the last time we saw a drawing like this? That's right, Orihime's scene when she says goodbye to Ichigo. Her hand is reflected in the windowpane as she touches it and Kubo gave us that sad accompanying volume poem about not connecting....

My takeitorleaveit interpretation:
"Everything divide us" is a pretty general theme of Bleach. I went on and on about the separation theme of Tanabata in one of my crazy essays. That this pic precedes the Rukia/Aaro fight and that it parallels Orihime's volume poem seems TRES significant. Here we have the chapter in which Orihime slaps the bejeezus out of Ulquiorra and there is (arguably) the most tension between the two characters (the ships set up their sails after this one). Two people with similar unrequieted longings? I'd been feeling Ulqui's being set up to be CHANGED by Orihime for some time, and this was the chapter where I was certain that the character (Kubo says "Ulquiorra is a ROCK" ) who seemed unchangable was about to undergo the Hime miracle.

There's a definite parallel between these hands of Ulqui's and those of Orihime's when she leaves Ichigo's bedside (maybe touching the window in farewell?) This is the chapter where it appeared that Ulqui lingered outside the door listening to Orihime sobs. In both cases, there's a connection not made but there's an attempt to reach out--a hand reaches out but only meets its reflection.

I'd say there's some manifest destiny for Hime and Ulqui. In any event, it's another beautiful Kubo parallel.

Here's the translations as snagged from syneiam
Can't help but agree here that this poem is all about Hime's unreturned love. Dear Ulqui? Are you developing the hots for Hime-chan? Your interest in her is plain.

hitotsu toshite
As one:In the first,
majiriau mono wa nai
are not intertwinedShall never blend together.
futatsu toshite
As two:In the second,
onaji katachi o shitei nai
do not share the same formShall never hold the same form.
mitsutsu me no
Of the third:The third,
hitomi o motanu bakari ni
we simply don't have eyesAs he who has no eyes.
yottsu me no
Of the fourth:The fourth,
hougaku ni kibou wa nai
we have no hope in that directionWith no direction.
itsutsu me wa
At the fifthAnd the fifth,
shinzou no basho ni aru
therein lies the heartLies in the heart.

NOTES: "hitomi" (瞳) literally is "pupil," but it also means eye.


Ok, guys, how interesting is this?

First two lines of Orihime's poem:
"In the first,
Shall never blend together."

Chapter title for 262:

...Or am I just extremely slow? o___o All right, all right, I've got it.

And here we were led to believe that the "unblended" personality was Kaien/Aaro!

No word of chapter spoilers yet. I'm getting all nervous for Red and White.

And for my 10K hits at DeviantArt, I drew a Lolibait for the censors!

Orihime fanart Thank you for 10K hits
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