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New Kubo Poem in RS 6

What a thing to wake up to. IchiRuki romansu and the destiny theme steamrolling over Aizen’s poor little ambitions in bondage somewhere…. Ah, Sensei, you’re such a romantic—just like Rukia told Ichigo at the end of the last musical, lol.

Todah rabah Annie, Nacchan, Mel and deathberry HERE

When the two that share destiny part and reunite, beyond the frame of time the ceased clock will awake and start to tick once again

Kubo sensei’s poem with IchiRuki spread from anniversary chapter (ch.460) from SOUL RESURRECTION Vol 6

If you follow the link to deathberry, you'll see a lot of IchiRuki squeeing of course because the forum is IchiRuki. Here's one comment from Nacchan's tumblr I found amusing and fangirly but also giving you some factual stuffs:

I love how Kubo-sensei provided the English version of the poem this time so there’s no need for unnecessary translation wank, I had enough of that seriously

So happy that IchiRuki got another canon poem AGAIN, I even already lost count how many poems they have right now

  • The “Black Sun - White Moon” poem
  • The “Sand and Rotator” Poem
  • The “One Boy, One Shinigami the story of destiny begins” poem
  • The “Things that take you high is not only wings” poem
  • Ichigo’s vol 19 poem — “That’s right nothing else can change my world”
  • Ichigo’s vol 49 poem — “Can I keep up with the speed of the world without you”
  • ….. okay I lost count, we just had too many (._____.  )

eta: the HQ scan, thank you to Ku. OMG, it's so lovely.

eta2--from Annie, another poem that illuminates a spread. OMG, this one is beautiful too. I'm dying over here:

Fullbringer shoe spread: "Are we standing in the same place? Are you going to betray me? Step towards the truth in shoes / washed by tears."
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