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"Ichigo's Funeral" at baidu

Awww, I'm so touched. I find my stuff translated here and there (often without permission :/) but I was really thrilled to have my story "Ichigo's Funeral" translated into Chinese and posted at baidu recently.  Thanks Estella May for finding the link:


The story (you can find parts 1 & 2 HERE in English) has always been my most popular story in fandom--funny, I thought it was so morbid when I wrote it. It's an ensemble piece with lots of humor, probably a little timely for the manga right now since it involves Ichigo destroying his human body to go live in S.S. The subject of Ichigo's future has everyone upside down and sideways with debate at the moment--I wrote the story years ago, believing that shinigami-hood was the inevitable natural course for the boy.

I really want to know what the comments in Chinese say so any help from people who know the language would be nice. :)
Tags: baidu, ichigo, ichigo's funeral
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