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09 January 2012 @ 05:44 am
"Ichigo's Funeral" at baidu  
Awww, I'm so touched. I find my stuff translated here and there (often without permission :/) but I was really thrilled to have my story "Ichigo's Funeral" translated into Chinese and posted at baidu recently.  Thanks Estella May for finding the link:


The story (you can find parts 1 & 2 HERE in English) has always been my most popular story in fandom--funny, I thought it was so morbid when I wrote it. It's an ensemble piece with lots of humor, probably a little timely for the manga right now since it involves Ichigo destroying his human body to go live in S.S. The subject of Ichigo's future has everyone upside down and sideways with debate at the moment--I wrote the story years ago, believing that shinigami-hood was the inevitable natural course for the boy.

I really want to know what the comments in Chinese say so any help from people who know the language would be nice. :)
Super Nintendo Chalmersstrawberries_85 on January 9th, 2012 04:18 pm (UTC)
Congrats on the translation. :)
agenttexasagenttexas on January 9th, 2012 06:41 pm (UTC)
Now I have something to read today since I'm locked in a single room for a few hours XDDD I never got around to reading that one, when I first looked at your fics I was on an Ishida high.

*Goes to read!*
nehalenia: daddy approvesnehalenia on January 9th, 2012 09:19 pm (UTC)
Congrats on the translation! That's so exciting!
_debbiechan_: SWEATDROPPING Ishida by Pisotoru_debbiechan_ on January 9th, 2012 09:38 pm (UTC)

oh gosh, Estella May says the forum owner and others left long and "gorgeous" comments... I'm verklempt!
(Anonymous) on January 12th, 2012 07:55 am (UTC)
Hi debbie,

Don't you worry, the comments from baidu were really positive :).. even though I haven't read it.
Most of them were shocked at the title first how freaking long it is, but commented how they love Rukia and Ichigo in this fanfiction, some said it was a unique, really good , really touching fanfic

Some fans admired the author (debbie :D ) and blackwings told the fans that the author is an ishihime shipper, an old ichiruki shipper, a Bleach/kubo fans that he/she respect the most :p

but thats because it was posted in IchiRuki chinese forum, I'm pretty sure if it is posted in Bleach chinese forum..you'll see plenty of rubbish comment
mainly: 太长不看 (too long, not gonna read)

well done debbie !

_debbiechan_: smile_debbiechan_ on January 12th, 2012 11:31 am (UTC)

haha thank you czel!

Estella May told me people were shocked by the title! LOL.
Aren't they used to Kubo's titles?

I'm still really touched. This is just a very very nice happy fandom thing. <3