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Weekend Fanworks Post

I'm posting this because I know there's at least one Bleach fanwork out there waiting to be posted, but also to make a recommendation. If, like many of us here, you enjoy Chad, Ishida, and Orihime as a threesome, or even if you just like the characters, do something nice for yourself and go read imlikat's lovely fic Hold Me Down at her journal. She has it rated as NC-17 and while it is indeed wonderfully steamy, I'd probably give it an R rating myself, if only to encourage those of you who shy away from really graphic smexing. While, as noted, there's a lot of heat in this story, it really revolves around the characters and Imli does a fantastic job of portraying each of them. If you've ever scratched your head at this threesome and wondered how they could have gotten together, go read this story and wonder no more. The characterizations are spot on, and Ishida as the POV character is a special delight. Go READ!

Let the rest of the posting begin!
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