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Rabid fangirl just got a VISA card! A little help for the online shopping newbie please? :o)

Hello everyone! ^o^

Well, as the title says I've recently received my very own VISA card for the first time in my life and I would really like to make use of it for buying various Bleach merchandise! Until I become completely poor and get my VISA card cancelled by my bank and banned from opening any other cards...ever again...

Unfortunately, until now I have only been able to follow Bleach and its world online. The reason being is because very VERY few people in my country know what manga and anime are, and there is absolutely no place in the country to buy any of these things. And so, since I never had any kind of payment card before and no steady income, I couldn't buy anything online either. T.T

BUT, things have changed now and it's time to support Kubo by returning the love and buying things legaly so that Bleach gets the support that it deserves!

So, I have a few questions for those of you who buy stuff online:

Could you please recommend some websites that sell anime and manga and cute Japanese stuff and what not? It is not of course only limited to Bleach, I mean stuff from the anime and manga world in general. And also, if you have any tips for a first time buyer and VISA card user I would really appreciate it. As a first purchase, I will of course buy something small like a keychain just to get the hang of things and see how this whole online shopping thing works, since I haven't bought anything online before. In the future (when I get the hang of it a little bit), my goal is to buy the Bleach volumes because I really want them!

Just FYI in case it is important, my VISA card is one where I cannot get into debt, because I can only spend the amount that I actually pay into the card's account. Also, I am European. :o)

Thank you so much for all the help in advance! I am sorry if this perhaps does not belong in this community, but I felt that people here would know their Bleach stuff and be able to help me out?

Thank you so much once again, I really look forward to reading people's comments! :o)

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