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IchiIshi CONT contest fic - Bad taste, Good friend

I’m here, I’m here…Am I still in time for the contest? I hope so XD I actually wrote another story before this one but I didn’t like it. Too difficult to write it down in english without making a mess, so today I write a new one inspired by a another fanart, one of my favourite to be honest, I’m sure you’ll understand which is it after reading the fic. I hope you like it even if I’m sure there must be a lot of english mistake..please be kind with that, I tried my best using easy sentences XD

HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL OF YOU!!!!! Enjoy the last day of the year and let the next be even better!

Title: Bad taste, Good friend
Fandom: Bleach
Paring: IchIshi (more or less XD)
Word: 1720
Spoiler: volume 48
Disclaimer: Ichigo, Ishida and all Bleach character belongs to Tite Kubo-sensei

Break time. For once Ichigo wanted to stay alone that’s why he went to the roof and jump on the most hight part, just over the door. He layed down there watching the sky and thinking. He has lost his power, but he still remembered too well the last battle and all the fear that has caused. Aizen was arrested but that didn’t mean Karakura was safe…he just had to put his faith in Rukia and the other…that was the only thingh he could do now.

It was when he was thinking about that, that he heard the metallic sound of the door opening under him.

“This way” said a girly voice.

Ichigo just stood there he was. She probably wanted to confess to someone and decided to come where she thought no one would go, in the begining of november. Unfortunately for her, Ichigo was there, but he chose to simply shut up and stay still. She would probably not even notice him that way…

“Here, this is for you” said the girl.

“I’m sorry but I can’t accept””

Ichigo almost stood up and the sound of the male voice. That was Ishida’s voice with no mistakes.

“Why not? It’s your birthday right?”

“Birthday? Today it’s Ishida’s birthday?” Ichigo didn’t know that.

“Yes, but, I’m sorry, I usually don’t accept gift fom people I don’t know”

“Isn’t he stupid – thought Ichigo, trying to move very slowly to take a peek of the girl – she such a cute girl”

“I see…does that mean you already have a girlfriend?”


“Ok, there no need to say anything, I’m sorry – she said quickly, trying to controll a little tear – least just let me wish you a happy birthday then”

“Thank you” said Ishida while the girl bow and run away, leaving the sound of the door to cover her sighing…

“That was harsh” commented Ichigo popping out from over he door.

“Maybe, but at least she not going to rise her hope.” Ishida answered with a low voice, not even looking up.

“Ah, you’re calm, you’re not surprised to see me here?”

“Do you think I’m stupid, I can sense your presence right away”

“Really? I thought that without powers that could not be possible anymore…”

Ishida didn’t say anything but for a moment he did look up with a little surprise in his eyes. Ichigo was right, but there was no doubt that he still could sense Kurosaki’s reiatsu…

“By the way – he began jumping down – I didn’t know it was your birthday today”

“I think no one does, I wonder how that girl find out in the first place”

“…tsk, girls have the gift to know everything about the one they love, you know” Ichigo explained almost laughing.

“Is that so?”

“Don’t you know everything about the girl you love?”

“I do not love anyone right now”

“What? But to that girl, you said…”

“I didn’t say anything, she made her conclusion by herself” Ishida pointed out while adjusting his glasses.

“Ishida, that is even worse. She do has hope after all!”

“She has not, I assure you” he said without explain further.

“You could at least accept the gift…”

Ishida arrived at the door and turned right after open it “Like I said, I did not accept gift from people I don’t know, that’s all” and with that said, he disappeared behind the strong roof door.

Ichigo stayed there, not minding one bit about the cold wind that started blowing around him. If he reminded correctly Ishida once said that he did not have friends, not before he met him and the others…well, to be precise he still consider him an enemy but Ichigo knows…that was Ishida for you…
He took a look at the clock and he decided that he still have time. He went inside and after taking his things from the looker he run home, without caring about skipping afternoon lessons. He had more important thing to do after all.

It’s was in early evening when Ishida heard his doorbell rang. When he opened the door he was welcomed by paper stramers and confetti and by a chorus of “Happy Birthday!!”

Kurosaki, Inoue and Sado was there with a gift each. Ichigo just made himself at home entering in the little apartment without asking permission.

“I wanted to call even the others, but I thought that you would have prefered to have only us in your house” he explained putting down the cake on the table.

Ishida was speachless, he just said thank you to Inoue and Sado that gave him the gift before asking permission to going in the house.

“Ishida-kun? – asked Inoue after closing the door – where can I put my coat?”

“Oh yes. Please give it to me” he said coming back in his sense and taking Orihime‘s coat.

He put it on the hall stand with the other and approached Kurosaki who was going in the kitchen to cut the cake.

“Kurosaki – he asked once in the kitchen with him alone – what does this mean?”

“What do you mean? It’s your birthday party of course. Inoue was entusiastic when I call her and Chad agreed right away. I even made the cake, so just shut up and enjoy your party”

“You made the cake? Are you telling me that you skipped afternoon lesson in order to make this cake?”

“Bull’s eye!”

“You’re stupid! I’m sure you don’t even know how to cook”

“Did you prefer Inoue’s cake? When I call her she offer to make one, - he remembered while starting cutting the cake - I dissuaded her only by telling her that I have already made one. So you should thank me”

“I actually don’t know if yours could be better that…”

“Just shut up and Eat this!” he shouted blocking the boy and putting the fork with cake in Ishida’s mouth.

“What the…” he didn’t have the chance to refuse and he was forced to gulped it down.

“So how was it?” Ichigo asked letting the boy go.

Ishida coughed a bit and when he was able to breath again he shouted “What the hell, You almost choked me!!”

“Oh come on, tell me how was it?”

Ishida coughed some more without stopping looking at Ichigo’s face. His eyes was almost shining in anticipation.

“It was edible…” he allowed.

“Great! Let them eat it too then..” he said going back at his cutting work.

“No, wait…” Ishida stopped him “Can I have it for me alone? I can go taking one bigger on the shop just a few minutes from here. At least I want to be the one who payed for the cake.”

“You like it that much?”

“Err – he looked away - you could say that…”

"Ok then, but I go take it. I won’t let you choose a cake I didn’t like”

And with that Ichigo went out to buy a new cake. He came back with a chocolate cake with strawberry on top, the very same he made that afternoon and that now was resting in Ishida’s fridge.

The party was nice and the four friends enoyed their time, even Ishida, who was new to this sort of things, was grateful for the surprise.

At night while going back Inoue, Sado and Ichigo was walking on the street when Orihime broke the silence.

“By the way I don’t understand why Sado-kun and Ishida-kun didn’t love your cake Kurosaki-kun. For me it was wonderful. Such an original taste”

“Uh? What do you mean?” asked Ichigo raising an eyebrow.

“I didn’t know you liked salt instead of sugar in cakes Inoue” wondered Sado ignoring Ichigo’s question.

“What do you mean salt, Chad. Was the cake not sweet?”

“Not at all. We managed to taste it while you went out, but I’m pretty sure you put salt instead of sugar Ichigo. Isn’t that why you went buying another cake in the first place?”

“…salt instead of sugar…” Ichigo only muttered.

“He was edible”

“That stupid…!!! – he shouted running back – sorry guys I must go back and kick Ishida’s butt. Go head without me…”

Sado and Inoue just watched each other wondering what has just happened. They didn’t even had the time to ask that Ichigo was already out of reach.

“That stupid stupid stupid idiot, he should have told me” he though while running with all his might.

He arrived at Ishida’s door some minutes later, luckly they were not already far away when he got to know the truth about the cake. He rang and rang the bells until Ishida turned on the light and unlocked the door.

“Who on earth…Kurosaki? What’s happened, do you forgot something?”

“Yes I forgot to kick your ass, you liar!”

“Exscuse me?” he answered touching his glasses in order to control the anger.

“The cake! It was awful, was it not?”

“Ah – and Ishida understood everything – so you find it out after all.”

“Of course I did, why didn’t you tell me.”

Ishida felt silent for a little eternity until Ichigo tried calling him.

“Ishida?” he asked a little worried by the sudden silence.

“I was happy” he finally said with an almost inaudible voice – happy that after my grandfather's death someone remember my birthday. I didn’t care about the gift, I didn’t mind that the cake tasted horrible, is the act itself that made me happy. I didn’t want to ruin that…so, don’t worry about it…” and with that he started closing the door hastily but Ichigo managed to put his foot between the door and the wall. Ishida did not look up trying to hide his embarrassment.

“Ishida…” started Ichigo looking down at him. The boy just nodded and Ichigo take that slow movement as an ok to go on speaking “Next year I’m going to use sugar I promise you, so look forward to it, ok?”

Ishida nodded again, hiding a smile, and managed to close the door with a little click.

“Kurosaki?” he called on the other side of the door.


“Thank you!” and he then turned off the light.

“You’re welcome” answered the other to the dark house, and after knocking a goodbye to the door, Ichigo walked away, happy to know that even without his powers he can still do something for his friends after all.
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