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IchiIshi CONT contest fic - Poem challenge

Hello wonderful people. May I start the new great contest with my first, for now, fic? Yes you say? Well so here it is and the poem challenge no less XD
Ok, I think this is not Ichigo AT ALL, just too sweet and sappy for him, but I like how the poem turn out so here it is I hope you like it too at least a bit, and forgive me if there are english errors. Let me know and I'll correct them.

Oh and of course I’m not going to tell you which line is which fanart, why don’t you guess? XD
Enjoy and let me know what you think…^__^


Fighting together.

Your back is touching mine

You try to protect me

You hurt yourself for me…because of me.

A cake is not enough to repay you, not at all.

We are not kids who go soiling walls anymore;

nor we are adolescents who hide the first lover letter of their life.

We are adults, with adult’s desires.

We already know the flavour of a kiss,

And the feeling of a morning after.

So, when a red balloon is passing by, we watch the blue sky,

The very same sky that existed in a far away past,

And I would like to wish "never let me go",

But for now just let me sleep on your shoulder

And maybe, one day, it will be yours the name that will escape my lips.
Tags: fanfic, ichigo, ichiishi cont, ishida, poetry
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