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As promised, I'm continuing the 2011 Birthday Contest in a greedy attempt to get more IchiIshi fic out of fandom. As incentive, I have a nifty first place prize. Any entrant with a fic over 1000 words will be eligible to win a cool set of Resurrected Souls 1 and 2! Yes, those are the first two volumes of the Jump-sized reissue of the SS arc! This reissue comes with new Bleach omake, new data pix (Vol 2 has a new art of Ishida), and these two volumes come with the complete two parts of the WSJ Bleach spine poster--plus small dust jackets for your old tankoubon. 

first volume:

pretty poster (it's skinny and long and great for the hallway):

second volume:

* The winner will be decided by a popular poll. Yes, I'm letting you guys pick BY POPULARITY again.

* The contest will run starting today, Dec. 1 (Happy December) until  SATURDAY, MIDNIGHT CST , JANUARY 31 CST.

* You may post your IchiIshi fics here on bleachness anytime between now and then--contest fics are exempt from the weekend fanworks post.  THAT'S RIGHT. YOU CAN POST YOUR FIC ANY OLE TIME STARTING NOW UNTIL JAN 31st.

* Please title your post "IchiIshi CONT contest fic" and tag it "IchiIshi CONT"  (the "CONT" is for "continuing" XD)

*  As always, please post work that is original to the contest and never before posted anywhere else. YOU MUST BASE YOUR WORK ON ONE OF THE FANARTS POSTED for the recent bleachness IchiIshi birthday 2011 contest.

* Here, for your reference, are the fanarts. I included one IchiIshi gift and excluded Ishida solo pieces because I'm looking for IchiIshi based fic. I'm proud to show you these lovely arts again:

The winners

"I’m Sorry" by rocknyx

"A Kiss" byimlikat

"Stupid Kurosaki" by peca_06

"I'm Yours (Tonight)" by Lady Melissa (akamelissy94 )

The other lovely entrants

"Fight" (gift) by luminous85

"Graffiti" by renki_chan

"Shut Up And..." by moga_moka

"Onnagata To Shinsengumi" by la_kalaka

"Please Never Let Me Go" by agenttexas

"United Front 3" by la_kalaka

"mumble mumble" by imlikat

untitled by qchanlover

"You and Me, Back to Back, Always" by tuna_sama

"Love Letter" by alexaclyne

"Balloonskopie" by Lady Melissa (aka melissy94 )

* Please feel free to write traditional drabbles, one-sentence fics, or very short fics for these lovely pieces. The more IchiIshi the merrier! However, pieces under 1000 WORDS will not be in the running for the 2 Resurrected Souls books prize--these entries will just be a way to show your IchiIshi love for fandom and these arts. Here's a challenge: write a poem basing each different line of the poem on each of the arts (you don't have to tell us which line is based on which art--maybe you can make us guess?)

This time, bleachness mods (listening, Neha? XD) are eligible to enter and compete... not me, of course, because I'm providing the prize and because I've got some fandom writing to be catching up with this holiday season. :)

I hope these rules are easy enough to understand. As always, please put your fics under an LJ-cut, use appropriate warnings, keep it IchiIshi, and ask any questions here. We're very lenient when it comes to all things artistic but we do want IchiIshi-centric fic---whether romantic or buddy-based. The two characters have to be featured. Good luck and I hope people respond to this fic challenge and contest.
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