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Bleach 475 is up

Bleach 475 is up at's version is also up.

Usual: Don't tweet to Kubo about the chapter or using pics from the chapter until Monday.


Rukia awakes and appears normal, so it seems we'll have to wait to see what Riruka did to her. Renji worries about Rukia, inadvertently hurting her shoulder in a cute scene. However, Rukia's concerns turn immediately to Ichigo and to helping him out. We get some nice shots of her face and expressions early in the chapter.

Yukio gets to look on in disbelief when Bankai Ichigo breaks through his pocket dimension. Impossible, impossible - nope, it was very possible, kid.

New Tensa Zangetsu... not sure if I like. No, pretty sure I don't like the sword redesign. Those ridges, man. Do Not Want. Ichigo's new Tensa Zangetsu attire is okay, but that sword :|

Ginjou tries to mess with Ichigo some more, but Ichigo tells him to shut up, has a cute scene with Ishida, and then proceeds to amaze us all by showing that yes, he does have the ability to think things through and be rational, instead of just being impulsive, emotional, and easily manipulated. Ultimately, Ichigo realized Ukitake wanted him to know that something was amiss with the badge, and Ichigo chose to continue using that badge in order to have the power to protect. Now Ichigo has clearly sided with the shinigami, whom he still considers his friends, in order to protect them against Ginjou. You're growing up, Ichigo. <3333 I feel so proud of him ;.;

Ginjou says the negotiations are off, apparently has now decided to kill Ichigo for real instead of recruiting him as a fellow scorned and used shinigami substitute, and goes bankai. Ginjou's bankai is terrible but also pretty good on him, if that makes sense. Very Aizen-looking in the face though.

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