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New Kubo Omake and more goodies

On the heels of scooping a brief new Kubo interview for fandom, deathberry has some other little treats for you. As usual we can thank poppy_moon and Annie for these offerings. Translators credited below.

* Wow, I'm dying over this new omake by Kubo in Resurrected Souls 4. It's ... it's.... NEW INFO ABOUT KEN-CHAN... I don't know what possessed Sensei to draw this--maybe he was perusing unusual Bleach fanart or... hahaha, I don't know. I can't stop laughing. Please go here for the scans. Thank you Ku and Annie. The translation is by Nacchan.

* Next, we have the 4komas not by Kubo-sensei but Official Jump and by Ooba Atsushi. There's a new one with Kenpachi. Translator is Pikish this time. Thank youuuu: here

* Ads from RS 5 here with scans by Ku and trans by Nacchan.

I'll have details for the IchiIshi fic contest up soon. Still rousing from holiday hibernation and family time.
Tags: deathberry, kenpachi, kubo tite, resurrected souls
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