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Volume 53 Cover and Rukia Figure you CAN buy

It's not Rukia on 53, drats, but Kubo continues with his Fullbringers theme. The title of the volume is  The DeathBerry Returns 2 and Yukio gets the cover--his poem should be revealing. I still like the guy even if he's a brat. His weird past intrigues me. The Cnet translation of 471 (which was vastly different and superior to Mangastream's) didn't illuminate his character for me as much as it raised questions. I can't help it--some FB stories feel over and done to me but Yukio--he's one of the few I need to know more about and I think the boy's got some learning to do too.

Available in March 2012, a new Rukia vice-captain figurine--her new hair, gloves, badge and her zanpakutou released and everything! It looks nice. Maybe I'll get it. I don't like the face so much but it's a nice figure. I hear a Matsumoto is in the works and next up.

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