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Bleach 474 Spoilers

Bleach 474 Spoilers

Also see Mezzo's snippet translation here and over here, and Estella May's translation snippet.

Ginjou says Ukitake is the guy behind all of it. Yes, Ukitake and not Urahara :3

People are freaking out on BA - in my honest opinion way prematurely.

I just want to remind everyone that Ginjou intentionally and deliberately screwed over Ichigo, manipulated and lied to him, used him, stole his powers, mocked him, and helped mindrape his friends.

Could Ginjou be telling the truth? Sure. Could he be telling a partial truth, mixed in with fiction, lies, evasion, and exaggeration? Could he be telling his version of the truth, one that he may personally believe but that may not actually reflect reality? Could he be (gasp) JUST LYING? Yes, yes, and yes.

I don't get why so many Bleach fans are quick to trust villains and bad guys, taking them at their word even after all the crap they've done, yet characters like Isshin, Urahara, and Ukitake are assumed to be the "real enemies," despite all the good that they've done, for no reason other than "oh, they were always shady". In Ukitake's case, I think it's more people are in love with the "he's another Aizen" twist. Again, all three characters have helped Ichigo and his friends; I'm more willing to trust their past actions than some newcomer who's power-hungry and crazy and going "lol I know I lied to you for ages about everything, but hey, TRUST ME THIS TIME". Yet some Bleach fans seem to be going, "Yeah, Ginjou! Yeah, I believe you!"

Anyway, even IF Ginjou is telling a complete truth, that doesn't excuse him for what he's done to Ichigo and his friends. Ginjou wasn't "helping" Ichigo, a fellow shinigami substitute; Ginjou wasn't fighting against the system. Ginjou was looking out for himself, period. Ginjou obviously has a clear motive to screw with Ichigo to knock his guard down.

Some healthy doubt is all I wish Bleach fans would have. You know, take a wait-and-see approach, rather than instantly jumping off the edge because Ginjou said it was five feet from the ground with a soft cushion underneath it. Maybe at least go take a look off the ledge (and mind your back so you don't get pushed).

I personally seriously doubt Ukitake is the mastermind villain behind all of this. I DO think he knew the badges were monitoring devices (hence why Ichigo heard Rukia's voice from the badge), but that alone doesn't make Ukitake out to be an Evil Terrible Person.

As Mezzo said in the thread, though, at least the theories that come out of this will be entertaining. :3

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