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16 November 2011 @ 11:14 am
Bleach 473 is Up  
Bleach 473 is up at MangaStream.

"Enemies in the Dark" = a reference to Ginjou's "lol, let me tell you who the REAL enemies are" line at the end of the chapter? Perhaps also how Riruka is probably inside of Rukia?

Oh, Nii-sama <333 Just as it had been predicted, Facebook's attempt to use his "shared past" with Byakuya failed; after all, Byakuya is the man who tried to off his own sister in SS arc. So in response to Facebook's "WTF, you owe me," Nii-sama simply replies: "Whatever, you're Kurosaki Ichigo's enemy, so I don't care if you were Hisana/Rukia/my grandfather/random other dude." I like how Byakuya actually really trusts and respects Ichigo his future brother-in-law, even if he treats Ichigo like he's a dirty brat to his face.

Kenpachi gets mad at Ikkaku for wasting time lecturing Shishi. Renji thinks Jackie is probably dead but doesn't know for sure? Okay... Hitsugaya mildly harassing bratty Yukio is actually very entertaining. Hitsugaya ended up saving Yukio, taking him as a prisoner, and will only release him once all the other shinigami are freed and accounted for.

"I don't see Kuchiki and Kuchiki" = one of my favorite lines from this chapter. You're a funny kid, Hitsugaya.

Nii-sama appears with Rukia's body. It's not weird at all that there's no trace of Riruka and Rukia's for some reason unconscious despite having suffered only mild injuries and having normal reiatsu... So yeah, 90% sure that Riruka is inside of Rukia. RUKIA'S INNER WORLD + SODE NO SHIRAYUKI SOON PLEASE. :/

Yukio reveals that the Fullbringers tried not to reveal the full extent of their powers to one another, but Ginjou knows all of their powers.

I wonder what the other Fullbringers' promises to Ginjou were?

Ginjou pulls an Aizen. "You have no reason to fight me." It's like the dialogue was lifted exactly from the Deicide arc. Anyway, Ginjou says Tsukishima is going to die soon, and once Tsukishima does, his powers fade away so everyone will be back to normal. That's convenient. I'm pretty meh that Ginjou doesn't seem to care that his husband his partner Tsukishima is on the brink of death though. Still, I hope Tsukishima survives :|

Ginjou ends with a cliffhanger: HEY, YOU SHOULD WORRY ABOUT THESE REAL ENEMIES. "Real enemy" as in Soul Society screwing Ginjou over, and as a substitute shinigami, Ichigo's next on the list? "Real enemy" as in Ginjou reveals all the dastardly things he's done, so take him more seriously? "Real enemy" as in [insert other entity here]?

ceres_wish: hibariceres_wish on November 16th, 2011 06:36 pm (UTC)
I'm thoroughly amazed at the extend of Byakuya's loyalty to Ichigo (though Ichigo is probably clueless)! I love this revelation a lot, and it really reflects Byakuya's character. He may act colder and more stoic than anyone else on the outside, but he holds to certain values and bonds more firmly than anyone else.

Now it's time to wonder, who is the "enemy" ginjo is talking about! Can't wait!