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Birthday Contest 2011 [FanFiction] You run

Hi, it's me again...
Me? writing in english? Yes indeed XD because a fanart is not enough and I would try to give something even on the fanficion part of the celebration.
So here it is, an angsty fic...and sorry for my english XD I hope you enjoy nevertheless.

Title: You Run
Fandom: Bleach
Paring: IchIshi (more or less)
Rating: just angst... but I think everyone who read Bleach can read this
Word: 222
Spoiler: chapter 430
Disclaimer: Ichigo, Ishida and all Bleach character belong to Tite Kubo-sensei

You run. Your feet are hitting loudly on the road. You run. Without taking break to regain your breath. You run, without realizing that taking a taxi would have get you there much quicker. You run, because when you had your powers you were faster than anyone else that way.

You run without thinking. Only 3 words in you brain, the only 3 words that you remember from that quick conversation on the phone just a few mitutes ago.

Ishida. Hospital. Hurt

You run because this is the only thing you can do. You run now because you did not feel Ishida’s reiatsu disappear and you could not run before, you could not run in time to help him, in time, maybe, to save him. You could only run now and it could be too late. You fear that, you really do.

You’re powerless, so powerless that you would like to cry, but there is no time now. You just need to run, quicker, faster and pray that once you get to the hospital Ishida will scream on you face, calling you an idiot because that is exactly what you are.

An idiot who can not help his friends like they did with him, an idiot you can only worry about his problems of being useless. And idiot who can, now, only run…
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