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Birthday Contest 2011 FANART "I'm Yours (Tonight)" by Lady Melissa

A special treat! NOT SAFE FOR WORK (but not explicit either)! Another IchiIshi art from Lady Melissa! She wants this one to be a GIFT "for fun" and not in the running for a prize. I'm not sure why--it's amazing work. XD  ( eta: she said it can be in the running for a prize! YEY! Glad we cleared that up! We're not DA and squeamish about er-o-ti-ca) THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOUUUUUUUU. IT'S FUN YES. I'M HAVING SOME FUN. <3 Love Ishida's expression here and niiiiice job with the hands.

Looky right here and keep clicking to enlarge or look under cut for full view.

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