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P0RNTOBER FANART BY ORIN (Ishihime--worksafe)

Being the gooey romantic that I am, I requested Orihime gazing at a nude sleeping Uryuu.

It's shaping up to be a good month. Been skimming around peoples' LJs and the Bleach Pr0n has been very high quality. Ah, just yesterday, I read a lovely Tentacle/Ishida fic by sublimeparadigm and then, not in context with Pr0ntober at all, I got an IshiHime art commission from gallo_de_pelea in the mail and firstmidnight posted a link to some Japanese Ishida/Circucci smut in her LJ and ahhhhhhh, life is not altogether bad, you know?  Everyone, REJOICE IN THE BLEACH PR0N.

The highlight of of my fandom week, though, was this week's manga TESLA moment.  *laughs and is gleeful unto the point of being scarily insane.* Anyone know of Tesla sites? Tesla art? Tesla fic? I'd write my own but I'm trying to get these Pr0ntober requests finished (they're turning out longer than I'd planned).

I tuned in for the Daddies. I expected a Quincy hawtness overload and wasn't disappointed there--Uryuu on his Silver Surfer board was lovingly animated and Ryuuken's anime face has character AND prettiness. The Kurosakis were perfect foils to the Ishidas, and the episode was a fairly good one EXCEPT....

the part where Ishida goes OMGNOES and big-eyed at the news of Orihime's kidnapping and then there's a close up of his serious, determined eyeball... IT WAS CUT OUT COMPLETELY. The serious eyeball close-up was instead put after Urahara announces that Ichigo is going to HM alone and now it is plain to a friend of mine that the animators ship ICHI-ISHI! XD

Eh, that's okay. I can still stick with the anime. I put up with it when it edited all those early cute Hime moments (yes, they had to do with Hime crushing on Ichigo, and I intensely dislike that ship, but a cute Hime is a cute Hime) and then I tolerated the first filler arc (Ishida character-rape but Ishida nonetheless, lots of Ishida.... and an attempt at a cohesive plot, unlike Naruto fillers) and then I tolerated the screechy new OP and a few episodes of distorted Ulquiorra ....

I guess I can deal with the animators downplaying Ishida's crush on Orihime. Kubo's story will go where Kubo wants it to and the animators will just have to keep up. It was funny to watch them scramble to try to fill in Orihime's crush on Ichigo once it became plain that Hime's feelings were going to play a bigger part in the story. Ishida's day will come....

*waves the flag of MANGA JUSTICE for Ishida Uryuu*
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