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Happy Birthday Uryuu! Kubo Tweet!

It's officially Ishida Uryuu's birthday, Tokyo time and nightfall where I am so I'll be opening up the Birthday Contest 2011 (DETAILS FOR ENTERING HERE) soon with some entries that were forwarded to me by people who wouldn't be able to post for themselves.

First, I wanted to show you what Kubo tweeted today! Marley tweeted him in English first and he responded in kind (he's doing that more lately--so polite--and his English is really very good!)

La_IV Marley
@tite_kubo Oh! Happy birthday to Ishida! You must be proud of all your children ♥

and Sensei replied:

tite_kubo 久保 帯人
@La_IV Thank you! I always proud of my children and all my fans.

And I think that Ishida getting a new bow constitutes a birthday present
since that chapter was released for his birthday week--it came out on
Monday Oct 31 and was for the whole week through this Monday including Uryuu's birthday!

I do hope we see Ishida in the next chapter though--in any event, we'll see him soon enough!

Happy Birthday Ishida Uryuu! What a big boy you've grown to be! So handsome and accomplished! We're ALL so proud of you!
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