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01 November 2011 @ 02:39 pm
RUKIA FIGURINE <3, Early spoilers, IchiIshi Contest Coming Up, Ichigo & Rukia art,  
Oh my goodness, look what Spiderkiss found--this Rukia chibi figurine is a MUST HAVE--the new hair, the pink hair accessory, the CHAPPY! The cuteness is slaying me.

Oh by the way, early spoilers are out for chapter 371 and you can read about them at the Bleach Asylum Chapter Thread.

I'm so intrigued and fairly salivating for this chapter (and the next). Always thought Tsukishima's Love Gun did more than turn people into plushies and yes, knew that this confrontation between Riruka and Rukia would have some interesting character stuff. Looks like shit got real and we're into Kubo's fetish for penetrating Rukia again--not to mention THE HEART of matters?

REMINDER AGAIN. The annual bleachness birthdays contest is only SIX DAYS AWAY. The day to post is this coming Sunday! If you won't be here to post on that day, you may mail me your entry to post for you. PM me via LJ or write me at deb@debbiechan.com for more info. Details about the contest HERE.

I had a few afternoons to draw the other week and did a few sketches for the BA IchiRuki November calendar. Here are some details from calendars that didn't make it as well as the actual calendar. Like a lot of Bleach fans I was inspired by the anime ice-skating scene. It was too cute. I want a pink scarf like Rukia's now. (I wonder if Deviko in the manga is pink like Rukia's devil costume of the Halloween spread--pink isn't Rukia's color but it suits her, oddly enough)





eta: woops had the links wrong--why is editing on LJ HARDER than it was before? :/
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_debbiechan__debbiechan_ on November 2nd, 2011 03:11 pm (UTC)

Yes, Jackie posted the same photo upthread. I am heartbroken :( I think it's most likely a photoshop too (something about the eyes) but I do know that people make custom figurines like these all the time (I've seen chibi Ishidas like these before and diiiiied for them) but this one is TOO perfect!