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Goodies! RS 3 omake! Kubo Harajuku autograph! Dolls! Ichigo figurine!

Some stuffs I've been sitting on for a few days. Dawn hasn't broken yet but I have time to post. First, hahahaha, Jackie, Annie has been bothering you enough about this but I won't let it end. THERE'S BEEN A FIGURINE MADE OF ICHIGO'S KAMEN RIDER FULLBRINGER OUTFIT!

Below cut--those guy bracelets are so pricey but they're still more attractive to me than the figurine.

Next, Resurrected Souls 3 is out with Renji on the cover and poppy_moon scanned the omake just for me because it featured Renji and Ishida and yes, my squees could be heard all over the land.

Estella May posted a translation (from the Chinese) HERE

And this is cool. From Annie. One of the autographs won by a lucky participant in the 10th anniversary festival at Harjuku. It's a drawing of Ichigo with Sensei's sig!

FINALLY, indulge me. As some of you know, I have some Ishida and Orihime custom dolls made for me by a special friend. They came in hand-sewn Hueco Mundo arc clothes but I dress them up from time to time. They're all dolled up, haha, for Halloween.

Here's Ishida (as the anemic vampire who only drinks milk and not blood) and Orihime in her usual ECLECTIC COSTUME (she's a black cat pumpkin spirit! As you can see her hat and shoes are black cat-ish but her dress is pumpkin-ish--she really couldn't decide so she's both, you see ) The real cat in the pic is my orange tabby Ichigo.

Ichigo is a camera whore.

A solo Hime I posted in her fanclub but I like her pose here.

Ishida looks a little disheveled but that's because my cat Ichigo likes to chew on his hair.

I'm going to make a pie out of that pumpkin

The dolls just hang out on my shelf when they're not posing outside.
Pumpkin is there until the 31st! Then it becomes pie! Happy Halloween!

I know some of you like to make Bleach Jack O lanterns for Halloween so please feel free to post them here!  Have fun this Oct 31! (Also Happy Barnaby Brooks Birthday :3 )
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