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REMINDER: Birthday Contest 2011 IchiIshi!


The annual bleachness November Birthday Contest is on, and the day to post entries is this Sunday, Nov. 6.
All you need to know is under the cut:

Please read contest instructions carefully, remember to tag each entry "BIRTHDAY CONTEST 2011" and ask any questions here if you have
them. A couple of you have asked me about lj-cuts. YES, all entries should be under lj-cuts, and wouldn't you know? Lj-cuts have been a major pain in the ass lately. You either have to type the text in or work from rich text to html to work an image under one. Here's how I manage lj-cuts:

I'm very excited about this contest! I don't know how many entries we'll get, but if we get more than a few, there will be more prizes. Thanks to qwirky those winners may also choose from the following IchiIshi (or Ishi/KON!) doujinshi under the cut or negotiate with me for another Bleach doujin or a gift certificate.

Thank you to Jackie and to the other mods of the community who will be judging the entries this year. As always, if you don't want to compete, you can post an entry on Ishida's birthday just for celebratory fun and be sure to mark it "gift."
Tags: birthday contest 2011, ichiishi
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