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One more month, people, to come up with ideas and write those IshiHimes for Uryuu's birthday (November 6). The original announcement and rules for the contest are here.
hidden_gems   asked me for some prompts, so I'd thought I'd share the first ones that came to mind. I can see so many different versions written from the same prompt scenarios so grab them and run, people! If there are any specific IshiHime situations you'd like to read about, post them here, and maybe one of the fic writers will take it. Maybe I'll take it eventually (this feels so good not having to enter my own contest--I am so going to sit back and read IshiHimes for my birthday next month! XD)

These are just suggestions. You do not have to use one of these prompts to enter a fic (see IshiHime Fanfic Contest Announcement).


1. Ishida and Orihime go to one of Orihime’s dream stops, the Baskin Robbin’s Thirty One flavors. Does she really want a taste of everything?

2. Killed in Hueco Mundo, Ishida and Orihime recognize one another on the first day of Shinigami Academy.

3. Ishida, who refuses to be healed for every little thing, pretends to not be sick when making love to Orihime.

4. Orihime imagines being “a fly on the wall” during sex with her Uryuu.

5. Orihime thinks Ishida is gay, even when he insists he’s not. How can he prove himself?

6. Ishida and Orihime have been married for some time when Ishida discovers a diary of old love poems by Orihime about Ichigo.

7. Ishida and Orihime discuss their respective “crushes” on Kurosaki.

8. Orihime forgets Ishida’s birthday

9. Orihime likes the dress that Ishida has sewn for Rukia’s wedding better than she likes the one he sewed for her.

10. Ishida is dying of old age and refuses to be healed by Orihime because he wants to go with dignity.

11. Ishida and Orihime adopt a cat together.

12. Orihime tells Rukia that Ishida “likes” Rukia, and Rukia has to tell the truth, as she sees it, to Orihime.

I write too damn much. Yesterday I got a review for a fic I actually had forgotten I'd written. I was one third of the way through skimming the story before I remembered how it ended. I AM TOO YOUNG TO BE HAVING SENIOR MOMENTS. This is all due to Bleach dementia of some sort.

Meanwhile Architecture seems to be a hit with yaoi-haters, yaoi-lovers, ff.net and adult archives as well, and I can't tell you how happy that makes me. I'm a stupid jellyfish and a people-pleaser so when I write something I know one part of my reading audience is going to throw up over, I feel a little guilty. Maybe I should write more gen, huh?

Nah, it's PR0NTOBER XD . Go spread the word or make requests of the participants. I've already annoyed some friends with IshiHime requests (DAMN! Was too slow on the typing to get that UlquiIshi from shinigamikender !)

A spoiler for 294 is out but it sounds faaaake and there's nothing about our stomach-less Quincy so far. I'll post when I get any piccies.  More soon. In the meantime, I've read up on the phenomenon and it takes two hours for a person to die from a ruptured stomach. The blood loss will kill you before sepsis or stomach acids eating your other internal organs will.
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