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Ah, I leave the Internet for a mere 24 hrs (lol, Yom Kippur seems to be the only time of the year I can truly tear myself away) and return to all kinds of goodies. It seems that after the long Rukia drought in the manga there are lots of new official Rukia cutenesses for her fans to adore.

I'll start with the Bleach komaburi published in Saikyo Jump, the Jump version for little kids. The manga-ka is Oba Atsushi and he promised he would draw cuter chibis--omg, I didn't like the chibis at first but I think I just popped an artery when I saw the image of RUKIA-TAN DRESSED IN A BUNNY OUTFIT WITH A BUNNY PATTERN ALL OVER IT FOR HER NII-SAMA this morning! And lol, Ichigo's face (Nii-sama approved of the outfit with utmost seriousness, lol)

from the Sakyo Jump website. Credit to nacchan:

from Komaburi 2 credit to poppy_moon for scanning and to the IchiRuki FC. You can find the rest of the komaburi HERE.  A translation by pikeish is HERE

Looking at the IchiRuki FC link that shows the 4-koma you'll also see a fantastic spread in Animedia magazine by Ishikawa Tomomi. Rukia with a spoon in her mouth and blushing while Ichigo and Renji argue about something over her! XD Ahhhhh, I love that trio. Again, the scan is by poppy_moon, and nacchan translated the bit on the scan (from here ): 「死神も美味しいものには目がないようだ。ルキアの至福の笑顔が愛らしい。  しかし何をモメている!?」// "Even a shinigami could not pass this delicious treats. Rukia's blissful smile
is so charming ... but what is that she's munching?!

Well there's a giant strawberry cake on the table and some on her plate, so are the editors trying to imply something?

Annie found the whole pic but it's tiny. It's to be found HERE.

By the by, you'll notice a watermark saying BA IchiRuki FC on a lot of the scans by poppy_moon and others coming out of the IR FC from now on. That's because the fanclub, while being a source of rare scans and exclusive info for the fandom, gets goodies picked up out of it which others take credit for or post without crediting. Regarding a recent Hitsugaya at the beach spread in Animedia magazine, I've seen plenty requests for a higher resolution scan but no one has yet to go out and buy a copy of the magazine and scan it. The IR FC relies on the generosity of friends in Japan and elsewhere for its scans and translations and doesn't exist to serve the greater community--that's all. Sometimes I think the Bleach fandom would dry up without it. XD The weeks Annie was preparing for her wedding, no one got any news, LOL.

For anyone who hasn't seen the goodies re Bleach volume 52--it's out, Tsukishima has the cover (omg, he's soooo sexy, big nostril and aaaall), his poem his sexy (translators credited below cut) and there are some endpages doodles from Baidu found by Estella May.

Volume 52

And thank you to Annie for the following image, the one that accompanied the poem. I flailed upon seeing it--some people think that his bookmark he's fingering there--but noooo, that looks like hair to me. Question--is it his own hair or, as per the poem, is it someone else's?
Argh, why so sexy, Tsukishima?

The poem was translated at Bleach Asylum by BadExample:


Let's count together for me
The bite marks
That I left on you

And this translation by Nacchan which I like better because of the rhythm~~

Shall we count them together?
The (tooth)marks I've placed upon you?

Annie made a post about the volume endpage doodles as the descriptions were coming out on 2ch and Nacchan translated. The post is HERE. Basically the endpages are all in black (concluding with the words DEAD END at Ginjou's picture) and returning to all white and the words DEATH AND STRAWBERRY when Rukia returns.

From Estella May at BA who got the pix from the Chinese forum Baidu:

Lastly, the cover for Resurrected Souls is RENJI AND ICHIGO! Credit to Annie and Ku (poppy_moon). I died when I saw it--look at ICHIGO--HE HAS HIS POST TIMESKIP SIDEBURNS! I'm waiting for all the books to come out so I can save money on shipping from Japan--they seem to be coming out in a hurry, but they do look lovely.

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