See you Space Cowboy. (chocobojockey16) wrote in bleachness,
See you Space Cowboy.

Weekend Fanworks Post 10/8

So my main realm of activity is on youtube, and I noticed a couple good AMV's that were inspired by the new episode, so I thought I'd share some of my favorites with everyone!

Of course comments about them on the post are appreciated but if you really like any of them, I'm sure that the editors would love a comment on the actual video (only if you have an account though)

Listed in alphabetical order by editors:

"One More Night" by animejunkie06

"No Matter..." by chocobojockey16 (me)

"Can I hide in you..." by ForeverAerith101

"feelmyheart" by osjama

"thank you & goodbye" by sunshinex3ily

"Stay" by timeshinee

This last one is actually an MMV, but it's still beautiful nonetheless!

"Sacrifices" by TheSummelBaerli

If anyone else has some suggestions, please tell me about them!

Tags: weekend fanworks post
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