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And now for something completely different!

If you've been a member of this community for a while you know I always celebrate Ishida's birthday and mine with a fanworks contest and usually try to encourage works for my OTP, IshiHime. Well, IshiHime is still my OTP, and haha, my first yaoi ship in Bleach was Renji/Ishida and will always be my favorite yaoi Ishida pairing but damn, recent manga happenings have me craving Ichigo and Ishida works! So this year, as promised--IT'S GONNA BE AN ICHIISHI CONTEST! <3

I know there are plenty of you hardcore IchiIshi fans out there and that it's a marvelously talented fandom. I was around for the heyday in 2006-2007. Even if you're not a yaoi fan, you can still make fics or arts for this contest--buddy or rival works or just anything that features these two nakama in their iconic wonderful relationship is welcome.

It's been a looong time since I myself did much for the IchiIshi fandom, and I do want to return. Some of you new to bleachness may mistakenly know me as a het shipper or IchiRuki fangirl--haha, I've written dozens of IchiIshi stories and tried my hand at a few arts. Was looking over them yesterday. They continue to be among my most visited work so I know you IchiIshi peeps are out there. I'd hoped for a resurgence of IchiIshi fic after Ishida made his glorious stand (and handclasp!) on the dome but not too much happened--then after the fullbringer arc double-team fight against the thugs, I hoped for more but again.... is it too much to hope for that you guys will come through for me this time?

For nostalgia's sake, just a few fic recs of my own stuff and some old arts:

Just a few IchiIshi fanworks by me, _debbiechan_, that I thought you might like if you like that sort of thing and hadn't seen them before. XD


Real Sex
Genre(s): Comedy / Romance / Psychological / Hentai
Rating: X - Adult: No readers under 18. Contains Graphic Adult Themes/Extreme violence.

Ishida and Ichigo are trapped in Hueco Mundo. IchiIshi. Yaoi. This one continues to be such a fave--gives me such a kick that it does.
Pretend Love
Genre(s): Romance / Drama / Hentai
Rating: X - Adult: No readers under 18. Contains Graphic Adult Themes/Extreme violence.
IchiIshi. Sequel to "Real Sex." The Outside World is no longer there, or so believes Ishida. Now what?
My Lover is Ishida Uryuu
Anime/Manga: Bleach
Genre(s): Hentai / Romance

Another request drabble for Pr0ntober. Ichigo x Ishida. Yaoi. Boysex. Yeah. And romance.




And now for the PROPER CONTEST ANNOUNCEMENT UNDER THE CUT. Pay attention and if you need to ask questions, ask away! <3

You have one month until entry posting time! Eh, I would've posted this a little earlier but LJ was being fuuunky!
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