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Resurrected Souls 2 Ishida Goodness & Omake

Oh I was so looking forward to this! Annie found pix and Nacchan translated part of the 4koma which sounds hilarious--Ishida quizing his friends and arguing with Ichigo. <3

Oh Ishida looks so MAH VE LOUS here. Can't wait to get this book:

The main reason I wanted to buy the RS series was for the spine cover poster--apparently it's in 2 parts and finishes w/RS2. Syn told me it's not big which is good for me--I don't like the huge huge Bleach posters (the giant calendars are still in storage) and I wanted to put this one in the hallway. XD

From HERE AT THE ICHIRUKI FC and pics from Annie and translation by Nacchan, the 4koma by Kubo:

Ishida is hosting the quiz lol, he's asking "what is this thing/person in this picture?" and Rukitaaaannnnn hnggghh <333

Rukia answered "It wears white clothes it must be a chef" , Ishida gave her 10 points
Ichigo "It wears white clothes it must be a cleaning staff/janitor" , Ishida gave him 0 point
Inoue "It's good at sewing so a Mother?" , Ishida gave her 10 points
Ichigo "It's white so a squid?" , Ishida gave him 0 point
Chad "It wears glasses so a Doctor?" , Ishida said "Close" and gave him 50 points
Ichigo "It's white so a cotton?" , Ishida gave him 0 point

At the end Rukia is saying "It's gonna start" just like Ichigo did in previous volume XDD

ETA: The whole Colorful Bleach comic thanks to Weils for the scan

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