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This is  jaina 's baby, and I am proud to participate. It's been a while since I've drabbled or taken requests, and I need to kick-start the old self before re-committing to these unfinished fics.


What is pr0ntober, you ask? It's pretty simple. It's us, you and me and whoever feels like it, celebrating the smuttier side of things by saturating the month of October in dirty business as much as possible. But how does it work specifically? It's pretty simple!

1. You make a post announcing your participation and asking your flist for prompts consisting of a fandom, a pairing and a prompt. Feel free to put a cap on how many requests you'll take.

2. Write drabblets, ficlets, novellas, whatever you like in response to the prompts. Not every response has to be full of filth. Last year, some responses were totally PWP; others merely alluded to making humpies. Pr0ntober is also about being sexy, not just sex.

3. Let Jaina know about your participation here Or tell me. I'll tell her. She's volunteered to make a master post with links to the participants and their responses once they're up.

So! To kick things off, here are my pr0ntober conditions: for the moment, I'll do a max of 10 prompts, possibly to increase later if I write fast enough. (EDIT: 10 requests made today so I'm putting up the "busy, try later" sign) One per person for now. I'll write for Bleach fandom alone. Please commence with your pairings and prompts in replies to this post. I'll try nearly anything. I won't do REAL shota or lolli (Hitsugaya included, never mind Yachiru, Yuzu or Jinta) I am incapable of writing Quincest. I won't hurt Orihime. I reserve the right to manipulate your prompt to adjust to my pr0ning capabilities.

Happy pr0ning!
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