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In defense of Rukia (info, pictures, and arguments) 2


"In the early stage of the manga, I did touch on the two's relationship, but after that I intentionally changed the point of view to other characters beside them.But then, it was so nostalgic to dive deeper into these two's relationship again. While I had fun, I also had a chance to observe them closely. And then once again I was reminded that they're really a good combo."

"Earlier, Morita-san was saying how 'a story is born when people interact'. I agree with that. For me, drawing comics is not about drawing lines and faces, but about portraying the mood. So whether or not you’re working on a novel or a comic, you work to portray the mood on paper with words and drawings."

Bleach is a manga with thousands of characters each one of them interconnected with one another with deep bonds, and thousands of important and unique relationships. This way, while the story unfolds and they interact, Kubo creates a complex web of motivations for each character and often plays with this matryoshka of perspectives in emotional charged scenes so that the reader can understand what feelingslie behind someone's actions or inactions (Renji remembering Ichigo swearing to his soul to rescue Rukia and doing so himself, Ishida about to tell Inoue he was glad that she was safe but stopping because she still was worried about Kurosaki, Ichigo looking at Rukia that way in Trifle and Orihime painfully closing her eyes when a few chapters back admitted of being jealous of their relationship, Ichigo remembering and repeating to his father 'someone's words that made him feel at ease, etc).

It is a childish and superficial reading if you think that just, because a character's feelings aren't clearly stated thousand of times then you should dismiss them as non-existent. Orihime's romantic feelings for Ichigo exists and they are very transparent manga-wise. But the fact that she is the character that express her feelings the most doesn't mean that the rest of characters don't struggle with their own emotions. Mind you, Ishida's love for Orihime has also been very obvious for a while, but he is not as vocal as her. When Ranjiku finally faced Gin all she could ask was why did he betray Kira when she clearly was talking about herself, and she couldn't even explicitly (or to herself) acknowledge she loved him until after he died. Ichigo's answer to feeling lonely without Rukia 'Like hell I'd be' was also just a facade (any habitual Bleach reader would know so from the start), but Kubo even clarified it letting us know that Ichigo felt he couldn't keep with the speed of the world without her.

"Ah! I see her! when I see the icon my instant reaction was 'Ru, Rukiaaaa!!', just in time when I'm about to reply your comment (laugh)."

"Of course she's a hinyu (female with small breast) Rukia's small breast is part of her charm/virtue isn't it?"
Spoiler!<input ... >

The people who says Rukia looks too boyish always makes me laugh because, how someone that short (133cm) and fragile looking could seem manly LOL? In real life that would never happen. If anything she'd look like a teenage girl which Rukia clarified in the first chapter that it was not the case 'Even though I look like this, I have been alive almost 10 times longer that you have. And you dare to call me little brat?'' XD. In regards of her haircut, I've always been a fan of short hair (never was able to cut it that short myself because I'm a natural redhead and it would look weird, thou (*´Д`*)). And I think that in Rukia's case it makes her look all the more mature and womanish ♥. Not only that new haircut is elegant and frames her face lovely: as Annie pointed out before her new haircut is setting Rukia even more apart from the rest of females in Bleach (post-time-skip). Reminds me of Kubo's first idea while designing Rukia and the shinigamis 'The first idea was everyone else is using guns, but only Rukia used scythe.'  and Morita was all 'HUEEEEEEHHH????!!!' Kubo really wants Rukia to stand out above all the others XD.

Another thing I wanted to point out is that Rukia indeed has a chest XD. It's true that it's voluminosity is not comparable to Matsumoto's or Orihime's but she has it, dammit XD. And that little chest of her is also a part of Rukia's own charms as Kubo-sensei pointed out. It makes her different from almost all of Bleach's females and honestly speaking she would look kind of weird being so small and being big breasted. I agree that her strongest points are her drop-dead gorgeous blue/grey/violet eyes and classy features, thou. But it's also undeniable that she posses an unconventional sensuality: her sexy legs are a classic in Bleach, of course. But Sensei also likes making stand out her collarbone, the nape of her neck and her shoulders. He also bares the small of her back and insinuates the curve of her ass through her clothes often (I feel like a pervert stating this XD). And for those who still like to pick up the two spreads in which Rukia is dressed in a suit (as everyone else) and say that Kubo was 'obviously' trying to make her look like a boy (in some sort of hope that this means she won't end up with Ichigo ( ̄▽ ̄;A)) mind you, but such a thing (that her physical features are boyish) has never been insinuated canon-wise. On the contrary, she's been referred to be beautiful (Orihime and Keigo), the boys at school were jealous of Ichigo when the rumors of them being together spreaded, the boys she grew up with in Rukongai were captivated while watching her, etc. Even Hanatarou described her voice once like 'Her voice was a lot softer than I could ever imagine... it made me feel at ease'. Truth be told, the typical tomboy girl in Bleach as always been Tatsuki and Yuzu said Rukia seemed a lot more girly than her (not Tatsuki bashing here just stating what Yuzu said, I really like Tatsuki).

"Oririn: At the scene when Ichigo and Rukia's memories are returning, I was told to insert an ad-lip of a warm word that symbolize Rukia. But because Rukia used to say insults, I couldn't come up with anything (laugh).
Morita: That time everyone tried very hard to figure it out, but after all we could only came out with 'Tawake/Idiot'. It was troublesome. 'I don't remember ever being told warm words!' then everyone bursted into laughter.
Oririn: All the casts and staffs were laughing hard, come to think about it, Kubo-sensei who came was laughing as well."

"Yes, when it comes to making the quiz on Rukia's letter the staff asked for my help, when I drew it normally I thought 'wow Rukia's drawing level has improved a lot!' (laughs)."

"Morita mentioned that Kubo-sensei told him before that her zanpakutou is the most beautiful. Fumiko added, "He keep telling me he has a 'totteoki' (special/most valued) feeling for it." Fumiko was very happy for it."

Personality wise thou, it's true that Rukia is not a typical 'girly' girl. She doesn't think too much of romance (all that was clearly stated was her crush on Kaien and she thinking about 'Needless emotions' when asked if she liked Ichigo), but she is quite feminine otherwise: she likes to wear long dresses, is crazy about anything chappy related, has a very developed maternal instinct (Orihime brings out that side of her the most XD), and she has the most beautiful Zanpakuto in all SS completely pure white, with a ribbon at the end and which attacks arenamed 'dances' (if you don't think this implies feminity just try to picture Kenpachi 'dancing' with Sode no shirayuki XD).

She has a feminine side, but she is also a warrior and she is a very strong person who usually won't take any shit and will beat you without a second though if needed XD (she reminds me of Yourichi-- without that low self-esteem Rukia sometimes displays and that Nii-sama fetish). Then again, the beating thing is a usual thing in Bleach for women to do (Matsumoto, Nel, Nanao, and almost any female won't doubt to use violence against male characters who behave stupidly from their PoV XD). It's also typical hero/heroine interaction in Kubo previous works (i.e. Gamma and Wolfgangina from Kubo's Zombie Powder: (1, 2, 3, 4, 5). And in a bigger scale is just plain tsundere behavior that female charcaters often show in mangas. It's not a wrong thing to be a very feminine character in a shonen, but let's say that the female leads that often hit the male leads are more usual than unusual and never any of them had any problem with falling in love. Therefore detractors' arguments like 'Rukia is being a bitch', 'Ichigo could never fall in love with a girl like that', 'she acts too rude to end up romantically involved in the story', etc, make no sense whatsoever.

"BLEACH will be adapted into an India movie version (Bollywood). It will be a great adventure with wonderful singing and dancing. Rukia's rescue with 3000 people from the colorful gotei-13 squads, guys from 11 squad dancing in ecstasy and a grand final scene could be seen. Ichigo's role would be played by Michael Tomioka-san. Rukia's role would be played by Kinomi Nanase-san."

"It would be good to make Ichigo and Rukia's boys and girls set too (set of underwerar XD). Don't you think?"

"Q: I’ve also been planning to buy an i-phone all this week! :3 By the way, if we go with a black x orange Ichigo, what colour would Orihime be?
Kubo: Orihime, eh? I wonder. Would she not be something like light pink?As for Rukia, though, for her I’d go with violet and white."

[CENSORED PART]Rukia is the main female lead of this story. It's a simple fact, but one that a surprisingly large number of fans deny. I don't know where the argument comes from, really. In mangas, often there is more than only one "heroine" thou and as Orihime has a major role in the story I consider her an heroine, while Rukia is the main female lead. It's truth that there were two occasions in which Kubo drew Orihime (in solo character spreads) to represent Bleach. Kubo already had to explain that in the first case he felt it was too OOC for Rukia to dress up like an angel and that she would refuse "I think Rukia would probably refuse an angel cosplay (laugh)." and in the second case Kubo drew Orihime in a swimmsuit in what seemed like an 'heroine fanservice' issue's cover -something unsderstably not very Rukia-like. He drew Rukia as an heroine together with Ichigo in all the rest of spreads/covers, doodles, or anything else Bleach related as you can see in this post.

In all Jump offical webs and events the heroine role is always for Rukia (in Jump Festa this year Rukia even got the "Fixed Heroine" title together with Ichigo getting the "Fixed Main Lead" title. While Orihime got "Loved Natural Airhead"), Orihime's seiyuu won the Best 'Supporting Female Character' in 2007, etc. I don't know why some people keep insisting on the main female lead changing, thou. Maybe they think that if Orihime becomes the main female lead her love will have to be reciprocicated or something. I don't know. But from a shipping perspective, wouldn't it be much worse if Orihime was really the main female lead as some of you say? Because in that were the case: why does Kubo-sensei keep drawing IchiRuki spreads and covers then? XD. Anyway, it would be fantastic if we could all agree that the two girls are very important in Bleach and that even if one iscommonly known as the 'fixed heroine' in the story that doesn't mean that the other girl is any less important.[/CENSORED PART]

"Miru_yuki: Rukia looks beautiful as always, thank you master!!
Kubo: Same here. Thank you for loving my daughter."
(First time Kubo wrote a response completely in English to a fan)

"Thank you for loving my daughter."

Kubo's daughter is one of the characters more loved in the Bleach-verse. She has been always ranked in the top three in official Jump popularity polls for characters, once even beating Ichigo. Her character often appears high ranked in general Anime/Manga popularity polls in which shonen heroines rarely have a chance to compete against the most typical anime moe girls with a large otaku fanbase (female character you have emotional attachment to -2011-, Top 10 Anime Wives -2009-, etc). And she is this loved not because she is a perfect Mary Sue (Rukia's fans usually can see her flaws but love her all the more for them) or because she is a cute moe girl (even thou she is indeed beautiful inside and out), but because Rukia is a gritty, selfless, strong, noble, independent, tough and gentle character who will always do anything in her power to protect and take care of the people she loves.

So thank you to you, Kubo-sensei, for one day creating the wonderful character that is Rukia Kuchiki. For not 'thinking of a story then making the characters to match the story, but doing so reversely' and writing a story -a complete universe (Bleach), with fantastic characters and adventures- that matched her. Thanks for thinking that 'The manga is written for the characters.'and coming up also with Ichigo so many other interesting characters that would make another stories be born in turn. Thanks for making them collide and interact with one another and 'get into the more exciting things about their personalities'without turning the story into shojo, but focusing a lot on the emotions and different bonds between the characters. Thanks for usually drawing with a feeling of 'Even if they don't get it, I'm drawing what I want!', and enjoying what you write and the works you participate in (if you can participate in them XD). And in short, thanks for these ten years of
Bleach and the next ten years to come; you made me love this story and its characters ♥.

And quite a random question:
Spoiler!<input ... >

I know that this question probably belongs to the "Bleach rare (or hard to find) scans" thread, but as the IchiRuki FC always has the best information and it's not totally unrelated I'll ask it here. Does anyone have or know where to find the original scan of this drawing/omake Kubo made? I know it belongs to the Akamaru Jump Summer 2005 because the Ichigo in the picture also appears in the cover of that issue, but I can't find it anywhere ≡ ̄﹏ ̄≡. Thanks so much in advance.

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