Issues (lovely_masoka) wrote in bleachness,

Fanworks weekend post 9/3/2011

Hello~ hope this is okay, but opening the fanworks weekend posting to pimp out a new Ulquihime community and a contest going on!

ulori_erotica is a mature UH community for mature works to be posted (members locked as well) and in start of it, there will be a Ulquihime pronzfest (read here for details UH pronzfest details)ending on October 31st, the prizes are Unmasked.

And there is a Drabble/art comm as well ulquihime100.

As well there is a new DA club for Orihime that is just for her, no pairings allowed if you just want Orihime art: Six-Flowers

and here is IR art from rusky_boz: IchiRuki: A Series of Misunderstandings
Tags: orihime, ulquihime, ulquiorra, weekend fanworks post
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