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Bleach 4Koma - Chapter 001 [English] Release

Bleach 4Koma by Ooba Atsushi, chapter 01! Starring Ichigo, Rukia, Kon, Hitsugaya (lol) and Renji. All you Bleach fans swamped by Hurricane Irene, please stay safe <3 and read this when you have internet again.

Chapter translated by Nacchan from the IchiRuki FC @ Bleach Asylum, scanned by Poppy Moon, quality checked by velvetsword and edited by me. Nacchan, this wasn't possible without you <3

To clarify, this is not doujinshi, even though it's not by Kubo Tite. This manga is not published in WSJ, but one of the official spinoff mags. Kubo Tite is not the writer or the artist and I personally have no idea how much he's contributed to this. It's scanlated because it's adorable.

Download information after the cut.

Zipped file of Chapter 001 here [mediafire].

Thumbnails for the chapter (in order from left to right, top to bottom, but you still read them right-to-left on the page itself):

I'm not a great editor, but this will do until some better group wants to pick it up especially because I go back to school soon. Please enjoy. If linking, please credit the IchiRuki FC or Bleachness.
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