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Bleach 461 Up

Bleach 461 is at MangaReader. Take the general necessary precautions for the ads on the site (Adblock, etc.).

MangaStream's translation won't be up for another day or so. MangaStream's version is up.

I guess Ichigo was out of practice after 17 months. I don't think he deliberately missed to mess with Ginjou, but who knows. He nails the second shot, at any rate.

Ginjou notes that Ichigo's all powered up, and that giving Ichigo Fullbring seems to have made Ichigo stronger. This seems to confirm that yes, the new accessories on Ichigo are remnants of his Fullbring.

After thinking Ginjou's taken care of (where the heck did Tsukishima go?), Ichigo stops to feel everyone's power inside him.

A whole bunch of people - all the captains and vice-captains, as well as random others (Hanatarou, Yoruichi, Urahara, and Isshin) - also contributed their reiatsu to Urahara's sword. Yamajii's getting a bit soft, huh? Even going so far as to acknowledge and dismiss the fact that he's ordering all the captains and VCs to commit a crime. Toushirou attributes this change in Yamajii to Ichigo and Ichigo changing Soul Society. That's actually rather sweet.

I still hope this means Shinji is a captain now though. ._.

Anyway, Ginjou pops back up with Ichigo's Fullbring power, and surprise (or not), he's the past substitute shinigami. :3

Overall, ridiculously short chapter (even if it was for Ichigo to show off, but all that freaking white space and those huge panels...), but it had nice shinigami bonding moments and the shinigami revealing they are grateful to Ichigo and have changed because of him. Also, we see flashbacks of some familiar, yet not entirely forgotten, faces. (Also, Nii-sama looks like he still has hair accessories? Or something.)

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