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New! Colorful Bleach from Kubo!

Credits to Poppy_Moon for scans (looooove to you Ku) and Annie and the IchiRuki FC at BA who continues to lead the fandom in providing infos. You will find the scans to this adorable Karaburi in which Ichigo forgives Rukia for being missing for so long and Rukia teases "さあ!助けに来い!一護!」 ---> "NAO SAVE ME ICHIGO!" *smug face* HERE

pikeish translation for the pages is this:

Rukia "Bleach's recap book is coming out!? I see!"

Rukia "So.. what is a recap book?"

Ichigo "To make it easier for the people who haven't read it yet, it is something that recaps the stories told till now, also adding some omakes, which are compiled as a book!" (Go say "I see!" once you understand)

Ichigo "You see it being sold in convenience stores right?"
Rukia "What! Recapping the stories up to this point!?"

Rukia "This is terrible! This can't go on like this!!"
Ichigo "Ah?"
Rukia "Nii sama! Nii sama---------!!"

Rukia "So with this reason, please apprehend me once more!"
Byakuya "Okay"

Renji "ICHIGOH! We're enemies again from today!! I even got the old goggles/sunglasses! Even though it's just a rental!"

(Speech bubble riot XD)
Ishida "If it's about a rival, it is me before you!"
Renji "Don't butt in white glasses!"
Ishida "Glasses aren't white! Correct yourself/get your facts straight!"
Inoue "I have to go borrow the old room again"
Urahara "Hm, it's bothersome to train once again"
"Who is going to do Grand Fisher and such!?"
"Let's ask Komamura Taichou to wear a headgear and do it!"
"Who's going to ask!! I don't mind doing it!!"
Yuzu "So many guests in Brother's room!"
Kenpachi "ICHIGO!! Is it true we can have another go?"
Kanonji "Wha- wha- what are YOU doing!?"

Rukia "Now. Come and save me, Ichigo!"

Ichigo "It's gonna begin..."

HERE'S A LINK to a crunchyroll article where you can see the cover of the first anthology and get some infos. There's been a misconception in fandom that there are going to be reprints of Colorful Bleach the fandom has seen before in these volumes but that's... not the case. There's going to be new stuff plus the pull out poster of the Jump spines.

Nacchan on Ichigo and Rukia character profile pages and double-meanings

Sensei's message (translation by pikeish from here): Sensei's message for this chapter (460) says he's accomplished to be able to do this chapter for the anniversary issue. So much for fanservice.

"10th year (anniversary). In the commemorative issue, I was able to place a commemorative chapter. Please look out for Ichigo and the gang a little while longer"
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