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I have come to a conclusion!

And that conclusion is that Ginjo and Tsukishima are idiots.

So basically the last two chapters have made me realise that Ginjo and Tsukishima's plan never had a chance of succeeding in any meaningful sense. Ginjo has on occasion been compared to Aizen in terms of manipulative ability but personally I think that Aizen would be offended by the comparison and consider Ginjo to be nothing more than a rank amateur and that would be if he was feeling generous. Even in terms of emotional manipulation, the one area where Ginjo has much in the way of talent, he still doesn't measure up. Tsukishima is right when he says that Ginjo can't act because his inner asshole keeps leaking out, even when he's trying to be friendly.

But that's not why they're idiots. The reason they are idiots is for even targeting Karakura-cho in the first place. The moment that realised that Urahara was in town they should have just cut their losses, packed up shopped and got the hell out of Dodge. Even if they decided that attacking someone like Chad or Orihime was worth the risk and they could get away before anyone realised they had done the moment they set their sights on Ichigo they might have just as well have committed suicide.

The reason I say this is because they knew that Isshin had ties to Soul Society and so did Urahara. Even if they didn't realise they were dealing with two former captains (technically three but one can be forgiven for not realising about Tessai) they still knew that Soul Society was still monitoring Karakura-cho in someway and that one of the one's doing so was the father of their target. And that point the first thing they should have done was try and find out exactly what connection Urahara and Isshin had to Soul Society. Especially when they realised that Ichigo was a former Substitute Shinigami.

If they did not do so, that was a really dumb move. Not knowing what sort of attention Soul Society had on Karakura-cho means they ran the risk of drawing unwanted attention to what they were doing and going by Ginjo's personality I don't think he came by the Substitute Shinigami badge honestly, meaning there's a high chance he was already wanted by them. If they did do the research and found out that they were dealing with two ex-captains... well that was even dumber. Its already quite clear that Captain-level shinigami outclass fullbringers by a large margin and they were messing with the son of one. Even if they had succeeded in stealing Ichigo's power for whatever reason Isshin would have come after them and dismantled them down to the ground and that's the least of the problems they would have brought upon themselves. As it is they've brought five captains (past and present) two other bankai capable shinigami who are not yet captains and a pissed of Lieutenant, and Ichigo back at something approaching his old power levels. And that's assuming Yoruichi and Tessai aren't hanging around somewhere just offscreen waiting to contribute.

Since Ginjo was clearly unprepared for anything like this to happen I can only assume that he is suicidally overconfident in his planning ability and a stunning example of the Dunning-Krueger effect in action. And Tsukishima is just as big an idiot for going along with this. 

So your opinions?
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