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Bleach 460 is out

Bleach 460 is up at MangaStream.

I'm so glad Bleach got the WSJ cover for its 10th anniversary - and it's of Ichigo looking proud with new!Zangetsu in hand. I think the text on the cover says something about the power to protect his nakama, but I'm sure someone who knows Japanese will correct me. Anyway, Ichigo looks so strong and confident.

That color spread. Ichigo and Rukia together again. <3333333 The text is lovely, underscoring how deep Ichigo and Rukia's bond is and how unbreakable it is, even after 17 months of separation. Also: RUKIAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARGH. She looks so cute! And she's still so tiny compared to Ichigo. <3 (Ichigo's Fullbring remnants, or whatever they are, even extend to his feet.)

"Deathberry Returns 2" ;____; Ichigoooo. You're really back.

Despite the serious situation, Ichigo sets Zangetsu down so he can turn to speak to Rukia. Rukia is smiling at first and compliments him - then kicks him in the face so she can yell at him <33333333333 The return of Ichigo/Rukia tough love. <33333333

A note that MangaStream uses "sissy," but Nacchan says: "[Rukia] called him 'nasakenai' which translated into 'sad' 'pathethic'." Nacchan notes this is the same exact word Chad used early on in this arc. (Just wanted to throw that in there since some people are trying, in their apparent bitterness over her return, to characterize Rukia as a shrewd, uncaring bitch who mocks Ichigo's feelings.)

Urahara knew about Tsukishima's power, so I guess the reiatsu sword was the "oh, shit, Fullbringers" response plan?

Rukia tells Ichigo that it doesn't matter if his past was changed - his bonds with his nakama can be rebuilt. As usual, Rukia is giving Ichigo encouragement and confidence, and Ichigo, after he gets over his surprise (his derp face is adorable) is touched by her words, as seen in the small panel of his smiling face. As escarboucle said, this speech (and the color spread text) is reminiscent of Ichigo's Fade to Black speech.

Ichigo interrupts Rukia (Rukia gets her own adorable derp face here) to correct her that his past wasn't changed, and she swipes her bladeless reiatsu sword at him. Apparently Ichigo didn't realize it lacked a blade because he freaks out about how dangerous her actions are. Rukia tells him what we already knew - this was the sword Urahara created to restore Ichigo's shinigami powers. :3

Not that it was a state secret that Rukia had transferred her shinigami powers to Ichigo, but it suggests that Ginjou really took his stalking of Ichigo seriously and learned everything he could about the boy.

And the shinigami appear with their new looks to say that they all contributed their reiatsu to the sword to restore Ichigo's shinigami powers.

Renji got hot! Flowing hair, I approve. Nii-sama lost the scarf and the hair pieces and gained a collar. He's beautiful as always. Toushirou got hot (I feel conflicted about this development) and is sporting a scarf. Kenpachi lost the bells in his hair. Ikkaku got even more of a rape-face, wtf.

Rukia says that Ginjou only stole a small part of Ichigo's power, and that Ichigo has shinigami power deep inside of him (gushing out of him). Whatever that means. But hey, you can't take Ichigo's shinigami power from him. Rukia's being literal, but I also feel it has a metaphoric meaning as well (i.e., Ichigo will always identify as a shinigami and be proud that he's a shinigami).

Rukia then gives Ichigo more encouragement - telling him that this type of despair is nothing to Ichigo, that he's already faced far worse despair (the dome? IchiThing?), and despair can't stop Ichigo. T__T Rukia always knows exactly what to say to Ichigo to instill self-confidence in him, to give him the strength to believe in himself and to fight and to be the man in her heart. T___T Rukiaaaaaaaaaaa.

Ichigo just says "aa", but isn't it a typical response of his? He's not one for showing emotions and gratitude; his simple "aa", followed by strong and decisive action, is enough to show how much Rukia has affected him. It's just how Ichigo and Rukia work.

So Ichigo's "practice swing" was enough to make Ginjou think it was his Getsuga Tenshou. :3 Of course it wasn't - Ichigo's Getsuga Tenshou is forthcoming.

I really hope Ginjou and Tsukishima aren't overpowered and defeated here. They need to give an explanation for what they've been doing! :yell
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