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Jump Bang Episode 121 Bleach /Bleach bracelets

Remember that silly Jump!Bang show with the pirates!  Special Bleach edition clips here--thank you Zangetsu01 of BA.
See Morita-kun get on a pink bus and eat some omurice at the Harajuku event, see models of new Aizen and Ichigo figurines in Deicide form,
see Rukia making Ichigo do push-ups backstage at the musical.

Links to YouTube vids:

Jump Bang Episode 121 Bleach Edition

Video Part 1 : http://youtu.be/3oLol47oo_E
Video Part 2 : http://youtu.be/Aq2c10KWWWs

Oh and Sensei drew his usual picture for the show--a welcome for the Harajuku 10th anniversary celebration. A happy Ichigo this time!

I swear I'm going to make some Kon curry with pita bread and velveeta (that's what the Kon curry looks to me like it's wearing for garnish). And did my eyes deceive me or was that a wakame leaf on the Byakuya mostly pink dessert?

Also check out these bracelets Jackie found for sale to commemorate the 10th anniversary. Not kidding--these, ahem, not very masculine bracelets, are 11000 yen each!

Ichigo Hitsugaya Byakuya bracelets
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