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Something Captivating this way comes & More Festival links

melodymix  spied an interesting tweet from Sensei yesterday that I couldn't help get excited about. It seems that Kubo showed an upcoming chapter to a higher-up who was "captivated."

From here, Mel says: Kubo just tweeted on his twitter account


Got a reply from my Tantou (A term referring to a person in charge) who I sent the name (rough draft of the up-coming chapter) to saying "I was captivated!".

Hell, it could be anything right? Some eyesmex between Ginjou and Tsukishima? I expect some exposition from Urahara. Also, Ichigo and Rukia haven't exchanged words yet....

Quoth a friend, “My dictionary also renders うっとり as 'to be transported', 'entranced', and 'spellbound'. This is apparently one hell of a chapter. XD”

There's more from Annie about the Harajuku Event. Follow this LINK and you'll see more of what was on display there as well as some scans of the really cute comic featuring chibi Ichigo and Rukia that was featured in Saikyou Jump. (Thank you for the scan to poppy_moon) Apparently, one of Rukia's arts gets to be featured in a gallery display!

You can find larger pics of some Harajuku Ichigo pics from maxcora at BA HERE

Minerva has some LINKS to blogs w/more pics from the event, including some rather uninspiring t-shirts (imv) that were on sale, a nice pic of IchiThing going RAWR and the sketchy recent color page of Chad from this year’s arc on display.  It must have been a real thrill to see the art close-up. I'm so envious. I can make my own Kon curry but I will never get a chance to see Kubo's copic strokes that close. *sob*

Now that all the flailing about the recent chapter has quieted a bit (well, except for fanbois and shippers who run on RAEG), I offer my humble synopsis of The Lost Agent Arc. It's not over, no, by no means, but looking back over early blog entries (as have others--this week I've been getting comments to entries I made when this arc started) I see I predicted some stuff dead wrong but got 1) Ginjou is bad guy and 2) Ichigo's powers will return with Rukia.

That's what the arc was about--Mugetsu, the absence of the moon. Ichigo's powers being hidden and Rukia, whose absence was made tangible by so many teases from Sensei (the dream, Ichigo's denying he missed her, the cryptic voice from the badge, the hidden face in the colored mysterygami panels) and how those powers, almost embodied as a kind of esoteric knowledge, come and go with one person in this story. Kubo begins the new 10 years the way he started the first 10 years--with a human boy being pierced with a supernatural power by a tiny death goddess.

For all the criticism about how the nakama got nerfed in this arc, I say their stories are wide open. We have yet to see Chad's fullbring and what it LOOKS like let alone what it can do; we were only given a hint of how Orihime can use her fairies in combinations, and we didn't even see Ishida FIGHT (we saw him fall, prettily, alas, my fellow Ishida fans, but the boy has more panel time a-comin' I swear to you). This arc may have lingered on the nakama somewhat but it was a training arc after all.

A training arc for sure but in reverse. Instead of a hero gaining powers bit by bit, it showed a hero losing trust bit by bit. And losing his friends. Ichigo did learn a lesson, though. The idea that he put forth in the VERY beginning of the manga, what he told us the audience that all he wanted was to not see spirits and to live a normal human life NO LONGER HELD.

Or, going by chapters 00, it was a lie. Ichigo has always wanted the power to protect. And this arc proved to him that he wanted to be a shinigami. Hmm, what other lie did Ichigo tell in this arc? He told Keigo that he didn't miss Rukia. I wonder if he'll get around to that he doesn't miss her--and I wonder how he'll do that. :fu

See ya next time. I'm really REALLY hoping the color page coming is nakama-centered but my heart is telling me it's going to be IchiRuki. I want nakama. As long as its not another one featuring the fullbringers (I love Riruka and Yukio amd especially my lanky friend Tsukishima but enough, I miss those nakama spreads)


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