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Bleach Harajuku Bankai Event

The Bleach 10th anniversary Bankai event, "La Corte", is being held in Harajuku for the next few days, with the first day already over.

Some photos and information are under the cut. These include pictures of Kubo eating Bleach-themed food, a new sketch of Ichigo as a waiter, and photographs of some of the displays.

As always, thanks to Annie and Nacchan of the IchiRuki FC at BA, Poppy_Moon, and other Japanese bloggers who shared their pics and info!

Some photos from Japanese bloggers of the outside banners:

Kubo took a picture of the main building:

Inside the "Soul Society" cafe, there's a new sketch Kubo drew of Ichigo as a waiter:

Kubo took some pictures of himself eating Bleach-themed foods - specifically Kon and Kenpachi - and making the little "gyaaaa" sound effects as he stabs them D:

Some other foods served at the cafe: Hollow Ichigo Yakisoba with Omelette and Sode no Shirayuki shaved ice with Chappy. ETA: The menu from the cafe and information on the food here.

Other displays include manga panels like the nakama vowing to come back to this place; images of some of the characters with their theme songs written on the posters; large timelines of the Bleach series; cardboard cut-outs; and a huge diagram of the relationships in Bleach:

As Annie explained, pink lines refer to "love/like/admiration/adoration." Some of the pink lines are Orihime->Ichigo, Riruka->Ichigo, Rukia->Kaien, Mizuho->Ikkaku, Gin->Ran (may be mutual) Ran->Gin, and Ulquiorra->Orihime (Ulquiorra is the only Espada with a relationship line to any of the nakama). Rukia->Kaien says "aspiring/admiration," Ulquiorra->Orihime says "heart", and Mizuho->Ikkaku says "I love bald dude." (There are obviously a lot of pink lines missing from the chart, like from Renji->Rukia, Ishida->Orihime, and Hinamori->Aizen, but it's busy enough to view as it is!)

ETA: 1) There are NO indications this chart was made by Kubo, was overseen by Kubo, or that Kubo gave input on the chart. 2) People misunderstood when I wrote "Gin->Ran (may be mutual)". The line NEVER said "may be mutual"; that was just me saying the pink line MIGHT be a two-headed arrow because we couldn't tell from the pics then available. However, the chart is apparently just Ran->Gin.

Nacchan explains: "Ichigo received so many arrows (two pink line from Orihime and Riruka, red ones from his family, gray one from school friends and white from Xcution. There's one yellow group-arrow described as "friends" directed toward all six nakama, but the only sole arrow from Ichigo's diagram directed towards Rukia described as "shinigami substitute". ... Rukia's arrow to Ichigo reads "Giving shinigami power to (him)""

Side-by-side view of the very first Bleach spread and the first spread of the Lost Agent arc:

There's also a Kon plushy tied to a toilet, a la chapter 53!

Bleach staff signatures on a wall:

Some more (mostly Ichigo or Rukia-related) pictures at the BleachAsylum IR FC: here, here, and here. :]

At the event, there's apparently some sort of special contest/giveaway with Kubo drawing sketches for the winners.

Japanese bloggers reported that there's Kubo's original hand-written scene of the Ichigo/Rukia chapter 423 good-bye on display. However, photographs of the picture are forbidden, so bloggers can only squee about having seen it. ;_;

The anime seiyuu for Ginjou and Ikumi were also announced:
- Ginjou is Touchi Hiroki, whom Kubo was squeeing/fanboying about for weeks on Twitter (lol, it was kind of embarrassing). Touchi does Bard in Kuroshitsuji, Pantherlily in Fairy Tail, Abel Nightroad in Trinity Blood, and Lasse Aeon in Gundam 00.
- Ikumi is Kaida Yuuko, who does Agnes in Tiger & Bunny and Julia in Blood+.
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