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bleach 293 spoilers...

Spoilers are slow to come this week and I'm frustrated. First, the cover of the chapter. People dislike the outfit but I think its charming.

Very militaristic, virginal, proper. I think she looks cool. There's a refreshing lack of vavoom ooh la lah. Nel is an innocent widdle Arrancar. She's not Halibel.

What's most frustrating is whether or not this chapter means a flashback? There's no telling from Himajin's spoiler. But damn, Ishida, why is it always you getting poked?

Spoiler from Himajin at 2ch. Translation by Spacecat and Dana at the one and only Bleach Asylum

Vs Szayel
Szayel sends some disturbing thing from the floor which wraps around Ishida
Ishida’s body seems unaffected
But now Szayel has a cute Ishida doll.
If the doll is cut Ishida does not get cut but if he stabs it with a pin Ishida feels the pain.
Ishida “What is this??”
The doll is filled with parts of Ishida.
One of those parts is his stomach
When Szayel damages this part Ishida vomits blood.
The scene changes, Nell and Nnoitra sensei point swords at each other.
Noi “Why did you stop pointing your sword?”
Nel “You also.”

so---what? Szayel does voodoo and Nel and Noi are just at a truce? WHAT HAPPENED TO THE PROMISED END OF THIS FIGHT? Himajin is turning into a little sadistic Kubo Jr. >.< Bless you anyway, child, but I won't shower you with kisses until the day you bring me the head of Szayel Aporro. I'm so ready for this fight to be over.

Up next: debbie ships Nnoitra and Tesla. A list of prompts for the IshiHime contest. More Renji-Ishida (of course). And I've started the multi-chapter fic for orin who was angel enough to scan some uber hawt Ryuuken doujin for me and guh, gah, guh, I must make this a good story! I owe people fics & pics, I realize, but I've been sick all week. More to come.

*hides face* Is Kubo going to do worse things to Ishida than I do? Stay tuned to the never-ending Szayel Aporro battle. We've seen everything but Grace Jones so far.
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