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New Bleach Book to go on sale Aug 22

See the ad for new Bleach Book Resurrected Souls featuring a new Ichigo and Rukia drawing in Kubo's new blocky style and read infos (all gratis of IR FC at BA, and thank you Ku, poppy_moon, for the scan)  here

Damn it. I'm going to have to buy it for the poster--I've wanted a poster of the 2010 spine pics since they started coming out and yes, my husband is just going to have to deal with it in the hallway. The kids will love it. We'll put it over the world map and the family photos. <3

Also, please welcome qwirky (aka Athena on BA and Jackie to me) as a new moderator to bleachness .

eta: breaking news, scan from Ku. The 2012 calendar will not feature spreads from this year (i WAS wondering what the calendar was going to do since color pages were scant this year and sorta sketchy--like the foot spread) but the paintings from Jump Festa last December. Hitsugaya will be featured for May/June. The calendar will be pricey--2800 yen. Ooo, I just want my Jump spine pic poster in the hallway but there's a new cover spread for this calendar to go along with the nine b/w paintings Sensei did for Jump Festa sooooo damn it, my wallet.

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